5 funniest looking dog breeds in the world

Breeds, last updated 26th, Oct 2017, Ruchika Anand

Dogs come in various colours, sizes and shapes. We all know there are a number of dog breeds that are weird or funny looking. Their looks make you laugh, right?

But what is the best part about them? They are still really adorable!

Here is a list of top 5 funniest looking dog breeds –

1. Puli

  pic 1

Image source: www.thepoodleandthepuli.wordpress.com

Look at this dog’s hair! Doesn’t its hair look like they can mop any wet floor? Yes, Puli is that cute looking hairy dog whose eyes get covered more often than not with long hair! Their matting starts when they are nine or ten months old and insulates them from all kinds of weather.


2. Brussels Griffon

pic 2

Image source: www.sheknows.com

This cute toy breed has a fuzzy beard like that of a man! A dominant breed, it is said that Brussels griffon is difficult to handle. Don’t get fooled by those look though!


3. Bedlington Terrier

pic 3Image source: www.justadogg.info

Confused whether this is a sheep or dog? Bedlington terrier was originally bred to hunt in mines and is an extremely calm and composed dog breed. It has non-shedding wool all over its body that gives it this funny yet cool look!


4. Afghan Hound

pic 4

 Image source: www.a-z-animals.com

A show dog, Afghan hound is one of the oldest dog breeds. It gets its origin from Afghanistan and has a thick and silky coat.


5. Chinese Crested

pic 5

Image source: www.petguide.com

Found in 2 varieties – hairless and furry – Chinese Crested has a skinny look. This funny face got you laughing, didn’t it?

If you own one of these breeds or have clicked pics of a funny-looking dog while taking a stroll outside, do share the pics with us...