5 human emotions that dogs can express

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Dogs do feel distracted, feel like they are being ignored, and feel all the positive and negative emotions that humans experience in their lives. They feel all the basic human emotions of happiness, sadness, fear, nervousness, curiosity, shyness, contentment, etc. What they do not have is feeling of complex emotions that human experience in their lifetime like, pretence, guilt, and callousness. Most of what they feel is black and white, just like their vision.


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Here’s how you can pick up the clues and know how your dog is feeling:

1. Happiness


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Owners who develop the ability to read their dog’s emotions through their dog’s body language can get cues into the emotional state of their dog. A happy dog wags its tail and is more energetic with a mouth slightly open. They could be happy about whatever it is that you are doing or offering. They are simply happy to be with you, because they love you, and you are treating them with the same love.

2. Sadness



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 A sad dog whose moods are not addressed and are ignored for a longer period of time might undergo depression, just like humans do. Dogs love the contact of their owners and love their company. When they feel like their needs are being ignored and their emotions dismissed, they could show signs of sadness by sleeping all the time, losing interest in day to day activities, etc. Any changes in the way your dog responds or change in their appetite must be looked into immediately. A happy dog is what you need, isn’t it?

3. Distraction



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A dog can get distracted when some other pet gets attention or does the same thing the other dog is doing. For instance, if you place a mirror in front of the dog and give them a toy to play with, they could be easily distracted.

4. Fear


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Fear is not immortal. Emotions that are felt by every living being and dogs are no exceptions to this emotion. There are many things that can easily scare your dog, such as, the sound of thunderstorms and fireworks. They might also fear some objects, riding in the car, or also fear being left alone. For all those busy bees that leave their dogs alone, remember what kind of phobias your dog is likely to start experiencing.

5. Jealousy


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If you have more than one dog, then one or both of your dogs might be fighting for your attention. Dogs do get jealous when they don’t get the required attention they need. They might chew your furniture, hide away, and show many other signs of distress. Got a new family member? There are ways to help your dogs learn acceptance and tame their jealousy.

Next time you see your dog anything but happy, get cues from their body language and the way they respond to anything at the moment, you simply need to tune into their emotions and have a better relationship with your dog.

Feel free to share your experiences or pictures of your dogs in a ‘happy’ mood with us…


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