5 Major drawbacks if your dog is not getting exercise

Wag News, last updated 09th, Aug 2016, Ruchika Anand

If your doggie isn’t exercising enough it can lead to many health problems. The 5 major drawbacks have been listed in this article.

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1. Poor health of your dog

Lack of exercise will surely lead to a poorer health of your dog as exercising not only increases the overall health of your pet, but it also makes it agile.

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2. Your dog will be overweight

If your dog’s weight is under control now, sooner or later it will become overweight if its exercise routine is not regular enough.

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3. Digestive system won’t work efficiently

Lack of walks and exercise will make your dog’s digestive system work with least efficiency and lead to constipation.

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4. Increased destructive behaviour

Without regular exercise, your dog’s destructive behaviour will increase day after day. Habits like chewing, digging or scratching will be on a rise.

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5. Increase in hyperactivity

Walks help in reducing your dog’s extra energy which your pet may have, and thereby, help in making dogs calmer and more relaxed. However, irregular walks will make your dog hyperactive.

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Make sure your dog exercises enough, no matter which breed it is. After all, a happy dog means a happier you. 

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