5 Must have accessories for every dog

Grooming, last updated 27th, Jun 2016, Ruchika Anand

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Which one of us doesn’t love to accessorize? I’m sure we all do. But, why should accessories be limited to us people only? Don’t you think that your dog would love some little artistic self-expression too?

Here are some must-have accessories to pamper him with and perk up his looks:

1. A really amazing collar  - A collar is a must-have for every dog for a variety of reasons, the primary being safety. A collar lets people know that he is someone’s pet in case he gets lost. Secondly, collars also make a style statement. You can go for the pretty, necklace-like collars with a locket where you can insert a picture you have together, and also your address and phone number for safety. Or you can go for bolder, chunkier collars in primary collars, with studs or spikes making a butch statement.

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2. Food and water bowls - Get your dog his own, customized bowl for food and water. Have his name printed or engraved on cool bowls in bright primary shades and unique but functional shapes. Or, you can buy the bowls and work on decorating them yourself so that no other dog on the planet has bowls as chic and adorable as your dog does!

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3. Soccer team T-shirts - And why not? When the entire family dons the Argentina football jersey during the World Cup, why should your dog be left out?  So, get your dog his own football jersey, and watch him enjoy the match in athletic style. Football jerseys for dogs are available at most big pet stores, or can be bought online easily.

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4. Headgear - When kings wear crowns and queen’s tiaras, why should the emperor of your heart be bereft of either? Get him a cool, fashionable, yet comfortable hat for the summer and a beanie for the winter. You can get creative in this department, what with so many options. Get him all sorts of cute stuff like antlers, Santa hats, cat ears (!!!), 70s Mod wigs, etc. Get creative and have fun together!

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5. Socks - Socks are a must for your dog, especially in the chilly winters. Get him cute mismatched pairs in all sorts of colors and patterns. And when the winter snows roll in, cover his paws in his adorable little socks and watch him enjoy the newfound warmth on his extremities.

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So these were some accessories you could purchase for your dog. Think up of much more great stuff and create fun memories with your beloved pooch! Happy accessorizing!