5 Myths About Dog Adoption

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    Let’s accept it. We’ve all come across a point of time when adopting a dog just doesn't feel right! Adoption really sounds skeptic, right? There’ve been all sorts of presumptuous notions about shelter/rescue/foster/adoption of dogs in our country. Here are a few myths about dog adoptions that have been in the air for a long time.

1. Shelter dogs have diseases or some ailment or the other

 We all know that the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about adopting a dog from the shelter, is that they’re all suffering from diseases or some ailment or the other! Guess what! They aren’t all like that. And even if some of them are, they can be cured!





2. They can’t adapt to their surroundings easily

People often think that dogs at the shelter would have a very tough time adapting to their new environment. The truth is,most shelter dogs are dying to find a happy home and would do anything to get out of stressful environments like a shelter. Give them all the love they need and they’ll fit in just fine and just in time!




3. There’s no record of the dog’s history

Very often, we come across people who say that they wouldn’t adopt a dog because they do not know where the dog has been. These are dogs we’re talking about! Not a human who’s got a criminal record. Dogs live for the moment. All they need is love. They don’t dwell over the past.



4. They aren’t purebred dogs

There are people who wish to have nothing but pure bred dogs for reasons very obvious to us. Call them biased towards how a breed looks maybe. Many would also think that the dog may not be healthy, or may be weak; the list goes on. Ironically, mixed breed dogs carry positive health genetics from their parent breeds and are healthier and more active than any other purebred dog! They’re even smarter and more stronger!!





5. Raising them from an early age helps bond well

 A dog can bond well with its master no matter how old it is. People often assume that a dog may obey his master only if it is raised by him throughout it’s puppyhood. But guess what? Older dogs are way more obedient and understanding. Plus, you get to skip some of the worse such as puppy training toilet issues and chewing nightmares.



source:the balancedcanine.com

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