5 Reasons why dogs are family

Life with Dogs, last updated 17th, Jun 2016, Deepshikha Tahiliani


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Dogs are love! Aren’t they? If you love your dog to the core, you consider them as an essential member of the family. Since the day I welcomed my pooch home, he has been a part of my family and is here to stay. He even has a spiked collar with his name and surname. Dogs are just like kin and here we are with 5 reasons why furball are family.


1. Kin


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Even if your dog drives you nuts, you still consider him as your folk. We can forgive him every time he barks like a maniac when the baby is sleeping because we know that our furball is just begging protective. Don’t you love it when tail-wagger hugs you after a long hectic day?


2. Surname


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I know I can’t be the only one who has given her dog her surname. I’m sure that you have a dog collar around your pooch’s neck with his name and your surname on it. If you haven’t, buy a collar today!


3. Wherever you go, I follow


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As you are getting ready for an evening coffee with your friends, your dog is preparing himself to accompany you, whether you want it or not. After all, they are FAMILY!


4. Shopping


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When I’m out for shopping, everything I see, I imagine if that would look cute on my dog? I spoil my furball to the core, with cute t-shirts, shiny collars and more. Even if I buy something inexpensive and small, it’s wonderful to brighten up your dog’s day. Buy cool clothes and accessories for your furball here


5. Life wouldn’t be same without them


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I miss my dog when he is not around, I’m sure that you do too. It isn’t the same when you enter the home and your dog doesn’t welcome you with a hug. You cherish each and every moment you shared with them and miss them when they aren’t there. Indeed, life wouldn’t be same without them.


If you really value your pooch, it doesn’t matter at all what your dog does. Just as you never give up on your family, your dog is a part of the family and he is here to stay!