5 reasons you must smile at your dog often

Wag News, last updated 20th, Jun 2016, Deepshikha Tahiliani

Did you know if you stare at your pooch, there are chances that he might get a little aggressive, or uncomfortable? Well, yes this true. Some dogs tend to get nervous when stared at. According to various researchers, people who smile at their dog often have a lot positive effect on their and their pooch’s lives.


1. Dog Understands


Image Source: www.playbuzz.com

Yes, your dog understands when you are happy and when you are sad or angry. This definitely affects the way your mutt acts. Showcasing a smile to your dog makes him respond quickly and be active and friendly.


2. Improves your mood


Image Source: treatsalabark.wordpress.com


It is a well-proven fact that smiling improves your mood drastically. And if you smile often at your dog, trust us; it would be the best mood booster ever.


3. Easy training


Image Source: www.sheknows.com


Since it has been proved that dogs respond quickly when smiled at them often, a happy dog is an easy learner as well. Just be careful, that you don’t smile at him when he is doing something wrong, even if it’s super adorable.


4. Your dog might come to frequently


Image Source: www.k9instinct.com


Dogs understand facial expressions very well. If you are grumpy or angry, he will not come to you. However, if you are happy, or smiling at him, he is likely to come to you in just one call. Remember to offer him treat once in a while. 


5. You smile, I smile


Image Source: fratatat.tumblr.com


Who knows, your dog might smile back at you! Yes, it is possible. If you smile at your dog often, he could revert in the same way. Consider it as a trick, you smile, he smiles back!

Hence, smile at your dog and he will learn quickly and love you even more!
*Woof* *Woof*