5 Signs Of A Good Dog Trainer

Training, last updated 18th, Jul 2014, Adnan Khan

So now you have found a few trainers for your beloved dog. Remember to measure their capacity across various parameters before hastily deciding on the first guy who says he can train dogs. In all honesty, each and every human has the capacity to teach new things to their dogs. Here are a few signs to look for in your trainer/behaviourist.



Many individuals just get into this field for the fast money and not for the welfare of the dogs or owners. It is almost necessary that the trainer interacts in a very loving way with the dog, even though their techniques might not be all mushy and emotional.



2. Peaceful Methods


I do agree that not everyone prefers to use positive reinforcement the way it is being sensationalized in the media. If the owner gets it wrong, it almost sounds like begging the dog for doing something. But many trainers try to hide their incompetence by using unnecessarily violent and forceful methods. That is a strict red flag.




3. Patience/Resilience


Not all dogs are the same. Some can be very obedient, whereas some extremely stubborn. Maintaining a calm and patient energy is always a good sign that the trainer is experienced in working with many dogs.



4. Innovation



The best kind of trainers prefer not to follow ‘textbook’ techniques every time. Subject to the dog or owner’s response, good trainers will come up with new methods spontaneously to get the desired outcome of behaviour.


5. Communication

A very integral aspect is being able to get the point across in one way or another. Communication is not only required for dogs but for the owners too because it is the parents’ incompetence in training that is the reason why they request assistance from professionals.