5 summer essentials for your dog

Grooming, last updated 17th, Aug 2016, Ruchika Anand

Yes, there are summer essentials for our furry babies as well! These essentials will undoubtedly make your doggy’s summer time easier and peaceful. Have a look at the list.

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1. Puppy pool

Why should humans have all the fun? Get your puppy a cute pool as per its size and let him have fun in the sun!


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2. Cooling pet pads

There are a range of cooling pads available in the market which work with or without electricity, and will give your doggie a place to relax coolly for around 3-4 hours.

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3. Pet sunscreen

Even doggies need sunscreen and protection from harmful UV rays! No matter what breed your dog is, make sure you protect it with a non-greasy sunscreen.

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4. Travel pet bottle

You need to keep your furry sweetheart hydrated properly, whether it’s just a visit to the market or a long road trip. And, these pet bottles make it super easy for them to drink water!

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5. Cooling vest

This is an ingenious way to keep your dog cool and fresh during the hot summer days. Simply soak the vest in cool water, wring it and fasten it around your doggie. The cooling technology of the vest changes the dog’s body heat as the water evaporates, and thereby, keeps your doggie-cool!


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These essentials will equip you perfectly to keep your dog refreshed in the summer time.

Share with us in comments what do you do to keep your pet cool.