5 Things Every Dog Absolutely Loves

Wag News, last updated 17th, Jun 2016, Ruchika Anand

Ever wonder what puts that blissfully happy, goofy look on your dog’s face? Well, it just might be something that you do that he loves! There are certain things that every dog simply adores.

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Here are the 5 things we feel top every dog’s list!

1. Belly rubs - Oh c’mon! I am sure you must have noticed the tongue-lolling-droopy-eyed expression on your dog’s face every time you give his belly a rub! Dogs love belly rubs. Their bellies are very sensitive to touch, and a loving rub there is kind of like what a Thai foot massage is for you; bliss like none other!

Belly rubs

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2. Car drives— The next time you go out somewhere and leave your dog behind, thinking that he will be uncomfortable in the car, think twice. The reproachful look he gives you when you’re locking the door and leaving him in the ‘safety’ of the house is not because you’re going away; it’s also because he wants to go for a drive with you! Most dogs adore car rides. So strap you dog in beside you, roll down the window, and watch him have the time of his life!

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3. Frozen Goodies -Yes. Dogs love to lick and gnaw on frozen treats. Dogs can heat up easily after a little exercise, and then they love to cool down with a frozen treat or two. Frozen goodies for dogs are available in the market. However, the best thing to do is to put a couple of his chewy toys in the freezer, and then let him happily lick and gnaw his way into defrosting them. That way, he can have his frozen fun without spoiling his appetite for a healthy, wholesome dinner.

Frozen Goodies for dogsImage source - https://www.petsworld.in

4. Stashing your glitters - Ever wondered why you keep finding your jewellery or sequined dress or purse under the sofa or behind a cabinet? Well, it’s your adorable pooch’s doing! Dogs have a fondness for glittery, shiny things and tend to hide those in ‘safe’ spots for any future use they might have. Plus, there is the added bonus of your scent; you, your dog’s beloved parent. So the next time your things go missing, you know who to blame!

Dog stashing glittersImage Source: https://petful.supercopyeditors.netdna-cdn.com

5. Chasing his own tail - Most dogs often seem perplexed at the long, curling appendage that is attached to their behinds. They cannot seem to comprehend that their tails are a part of their bodies, and seem most eager to get hold of it and play with it. But obviously, this is a thankless task, the result of which is a ditzy dog going round and round in circles, chasing his own tail, until he is too dizzy to move. This habit of dogs supposedly inspired Chopin to compose The Minute Waltz.

Dog chasing his tailImage source: https://3milliondogs.com

You love your dog; your dog loves you! Period. We all cherish the things we love. And your furball loves some other stuff too!

So the next time around when your dog wants to accompany you on that long drive or demands a belly rub, don’t deny them the luxury. We guarantee you, they’ll love you back all the more!