5 Things that will happen in a World Without Dogs (Ouch!)

Wag News, last updated 25th, Apr 2016, Aniesha Chaana


From chasing your car in the night, to a friendly nudge from time to time; with their omnipresence dogs have forever reminded us of all things good in the world. What if you wake tomorrow to find out that there no dogs left? What will happen to the mankind without dogs? We thought of imagining the unimaginable and found some funny, some serious results. Have a look!

1. Whoever says love doesn’t exist hasn’t owned a dog in his or her life! A dog’s love is enough to heal a broken heart and fill life with 24 hours and 365 days’ worth of love – on repeat mode!

Img 1 (700x467)

2. If there is one thing that you can be absolutely sure about in this world is that of a dog’s rock solid devotion and loyalty towards you. Come what may, your dog’s loyalty for you is unshakable!

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3. Imagine our very own Dharmendra paaji saying this, “Billi mai tera khoon pi jaunga”! Yes, no dogs mean no iconic dialogues. Tough luck with that!

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4. It is unbelievable to even count the number of times we have preferred our pet dogs over humans. Without these wonderfully funny and best friends in the truest of sense, we are just poor little souls, stuck in a friendless world.

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5. Unfinished homework, actually going to the gym and manually cleaning off fallen food on the floor. Dogs are our best excuse for things we want to avoid.

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Have you ever imagined what a world without these fur buddies would look like? We did and we don’t like it too much!