5 Times A Dog Starred in F.R.I.E.N.D.S Show!

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Our favorite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. included some of the coolest dogs in their episodes! You're about to read the most nostalgic article today! Here are a few times when we saw dogs being a part of the lives of our favorite friends characters: 


1. Guys, remember the episode where Chandler doesn't like dogs?


Phoebe secretly keeps a dog she is watching for friends who went out of town in her room at Monica and Chandler's apartment. Everybody thought Chandler was allergic to dogs but the truth is that he hates dogs because he scared of them because you can never tell what they're thinking. The dog was sneaked back to Monica's apartment by Rachel and Monica even though Chandler gave them the 'Either I stay or the dog stays'. Watch the episode for what happens next (S07E08)!


2. Do you remember the CRAZY DOG in front of Pheobe's dad's house? (Phoebe drove upstate for the second time to meet her father but ended up meeting her half brother Frank Jr.)

Screenshot (137)

A cool terrier who jumped so high that it was hilarious to watch him jump and scare Joey in the car. He also came under Phoebe's car and broke an ear. Phoebe took care of him and took him for many stitches. She was hoping that the ear would grow back! (S02E21)



3. Phoebe got to keep a Puppy Pug for 3 days, remember?



Her mother was trying to tell her it would be difficult to give up her baby. But Phoebe was too busy playing with the Puppy during the conversation. She proves that she has the biggest heart when she lets her brother Frank Jr keep the puppy. (S04E11)


4. Pat the dog was Joey Tribbiani's (and later Chandler's) ceramic dog.


Joey first bought him when he moved in his new apartment in Season 2 after he got a role on Days of our Lives. When Joey was forced to sell everything in his home, Ross bought the dog back for him, it being the only item that Ross could afford to salvage. The dog remains a running gag over the rest of show, with several appearances.

SECRET:  Pat the dog? was a “good luck gift” someone gave to Jennifer Aniston on her first day on set.

5. OH! And don't forget Chappy, Mike's family dog who was the Best Man in Phoebe and Mike's Wedding! Wasn't it just beautiful?




AND NOW!! We're gonna watch them together with our Pooches! Don't forget to tell your dog about it!



Twelve years after going off the air, the cast of Friends will reunite on NBC for a two-hour special! heart

(The special is a tribute to Friends‘ legendary comedy director James Burrows, who also helmed iconic series such as TaxiThe Bob Newhart Show, and Cheers. Burrows directed 15 episodes of Friends, including the pilot, and recently shot his 1,000th episode of television.)