5 Warning Signs That A Dog Is About To Bite You!

Wag News, last updated 06th, Jul 2016, Prekshita Patwa

Let's face it, even if we absolutely love our dog and they love us back too, sometimes we do end up in situations like these. Where our dog bites us. Sometimes it's not even our dog who bites us might be a friend's dog or a dog on the street.


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We've compiled a few signs that your dog might give you before he actually bites:

1. Fur rises

Some signs are very evident some you need to look for.  When a dog feels threatened, the fur on their back or neck may stand up. These raised hackles indicate that a dog is not happy with something that is going on around them. 


Source: @kelli / Flickr


2. Stiff body 

When a dog is happy, every part of their body their body is relaxed and wiggly. However, if a dog is on edge, every muscle in their body goes stiff. This means that they will be standing square, their ears will be perked and their tail raised, almost as if they are frozen. 

Source: @hxxmaxx / Instagram


3. Yawning, Licking their lips, avoiding eye contact

Mostly these can mean their normal routine, but sometimes they are indicative that a dog is anxious and unsettled. If the dog is not able to find a way to remove themselves from the situation, it could escalate to a biting.

Source: @miwaarare / Instagram


4. Showing teeth or growling

A slow growl is a dog’s most direct way of warning those around them of a potential bite. Dogs show this behavior when they are very unhappy or uncomfortable with something that is happening around them. If you notice a dog is growling, snapping, or showing their teeth, quickly try to identify what is happening around them to make them feel threatened. 

Source: @friesie / Instagram


5. Wagging their tail

It sounds impossible. For owners, this is one of the most confusing signs of an upcoming bite. While a wagging tail is often a sign of happiness, it can also be a good indicator that a dog is feeling on edge. And this converts into a dog bite. Make sure you distract him from what's troubling him. 

Source: @gizmo_and_angus / Instagram

It's nothing to feel bad about if your dog showed you these signs. Make sure you minimise such behavior and try to distract your dog from anything that troubles him. For more info click here.

Let us know in the comments about any experience with your dog which felt like he was going to bite!

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