5 Ways to boost your pups confidence

Wag News, last updated 02nd, Jun 2016, Deepshikha Tahiliani

Being a dog lover is one of the best things in the world. Dogs are wonderful, there are there with you in your thick and thin. Hence, it is important for you to give them the appreciation they deserve and boost their confidence in every way possible. Boosting the confidence of your pup might turn out to be a long task, but trust us it’s all totally worth it.

1. Reward is the key


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If you notice that your pooch is a little anxious, then reward him on appropriate behavior is the best solution possible. It is also known as body shaping. When you start teaching your dog about taking a step forward/back, tail wagging, etc, start rewarding for the same. This will also give a hand in basic training and boost confidence of your mutt in no time.


2. Agility classes

dog agility

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Be it humans or dogs, everyone needs a little push to self-esteem. To build this up, sign up your furball for agility class. They will learn how to overcome hurdles mentally and physically. Rewarding him for climbing or passing through a tunnel is done regularly in the classes. This in turn boosts your dog’s confidence and makes him more obedient than ever.


3. More exposure to intimidating objects


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One more tactic to boost the confidence of your dog is to provide more exposure to him of objects he is terrified of. If your dog is afraid of a particular person, ask him/her to offer treats to him regularly. If your pooch is terrified of certain object, say vacuum cleaner, use it often in front of him and with his suitable behavior reward him with a treat.


4. Target Practice


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Target practice of your dog is a must. Teach him to touch his paw and his nose, or to shake hand. If he targets the correct part, then recompense him with a treat. This could be taught by verbal remarks, such as saying treat when you offer him one, or saying something else when there is an intimidating object.


5. Guess


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This is the most fun way to boost up your dog’s confidence and tone down the anxiety he has. Gather some random items, which your pooch hasn’t seen before. It can different in terms of shapes, sizes, functions or texture. Even noisy ones will work well. Then show him and let him touch each object one by one. Reward with treats if he gives a positive or the required reaction to each object. This teaches your dog to behave well even in unfamiliar situations.


For us our dogs will always be “Good Boy” and to make them stronger and better in every situation, these exercises will certainly help you to pump up their confidence level.