5 Wishes Your Dog Wants You To Fulfill Before He Dies

Wag News, last updated 05th, Jul 2016, Prekshita Patwa

Does your dog have a bucket list yet? It's the most important thing you need to make for your dog. If you haven't, then get on it right away!

Don't wait for until its too late and you have a major hard time regretting the things you did not do with your bestie.

1. Walk on the Beach 

He wants to be off the leash in an open space where there is infinite water and nobody to stop him from having the time of his life!


Image Source: petbucket


2. Have your Dinner with you

The last time you went out for dinner without him, he didn't say but he also wanted to go. He is hoping to one time just taste the food you're enjoying so much. But he wants to do it only when the time is right.


Image Source: now-here-this.timeout


3. Take a long drive to nowhere

This every dog longs for. H e wants to be in the car just with you and lots of air blowing his mindblowing fur. Listen to slow music and drive into the magic.


Image Source: dogtutorial


4. One week of your time without any breaks

Every dog wakes up hoping today there is no leaving for work. You always go. Stay home some day, and then for that entire week. He will be the happiest dog ever. And you know that he deserves to be happy.


Image Source: tumblr


5.  He wants you to be the last person he sees before his eyes close forever

This might hurt to hear but it's true. Make sure you're with him in his last breath. He wants you to hold him and say goodbye. He might try to avoid you, but it's only because he cannot see you cry. But you need to be there watching him and supporting him.

Image Source: pethealthnetwork


Your bucket list might be longer with things that suit your doggie. Like having a boat ride, eating a tub full of ice cream, learning a new trick etc. Do all of that. Don't leave anything on your mind unfinished. 

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