5 Wonderful Ways To Pay Tribute To Your Dog

Life with Dogs, last updated 09th, Feb 2018, Abhinav Arora

The bond and friendship with a dog almost always end up in tears. For all their cuteness, the only thing they don't have is a long life as compared to us, humans. But they do give us an awful lot of good memories when they leave for doggie heaven. We are sure there is one and all dogs go there.

We have shortlisted five wonderful and beautiful ways with which you can immortalize your dog's memories and make sure he is there with you forever.


1. Tattoo


A perfect way to cope with the pain of saying goodbye is to ink your furry friend on a body part of yours which will stay there forever. Whenever you miss him, you may feel better as you know he is a part of you now.


2. Adopt another


Another perfect way to pay tribute to your lovable pooch is to adopt another of his kind. Wherever he may be, he will know that you care about him and his kind. We would say that you adopt a furry pup and give a homeless buddy a new home instead of buying one at the dogmart.


3. Plant a tree


Technology allows us today to use the ashes of the fallen for growing a tree and using the ashes as manure. A tree is as permanent as it gets. You can always look out the window and remember your big guy. Other people might see it as just a tree but you will always see his reflection in the tree. Plus, you won't just be immortalizing your friend but also helping the environment.

4. Build a statue

All great people have their statues, why not build one for your dog as well? And with 3d technology now at our doorstep, you can do it right over your laptop. This option is for one with a big heart as well as a big pocket as erecting a statue might cost you in lakhs, but hey, what's money in comparison to your love for little Fido. You can go for his favourite pose (peeing on objects) while getting the statue built or you could choose to immortalise him as the dignified dog he was!


5. Write a Book


The best possible way to immortalise your beloved dog and the friendship you shared is to write about it and get it published. John Grogan did the same thing for his dog 'Marley'. And we all know how good a movie "Marley & Me" was; which in fact was based on the book by the same name etched in words by John himself.

These are just some of the ways in which you can pay tribute to your departed friend. Surely, there would be many people out there who have immortalised their bond with their deceased four-legged friends, we would like to hear your stories, let them flow! :)