5 Yoga Poses You Can Teach Your Dog

Health, last updated 16th, Jun 2016, Ruchika Anand

In countries like the UK, Doga or god yoga has been gaining popularity. With their wagging tails, you can see the dogs excited to master the Zen stretches and asanas. SO, don’t be surprised when you hear of terms like ‘dogi’ and ‘dogini’ that are equivalent to ‘yogi’ and ‘yogini’!

Here are 5 asanas that you can begin with to help your canine friend reap the benefits of yoga! The exercises are the same, with the addition of belly rubs while you help them perform these Doga exercises:

dog yogahttps://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/13638549455


Mudras and asanas have new names in Doga. However,

1. In chaturanga asana, you can make your dog lie on its belly while stroking its back. This helps the dog relax and calm their hyperactivity. Doga also helps them socialize and gives them happy feelings. It helps them psychologically too, keeping their mood cheerful.

2. The puppy paw mudra is one pose where you let your dog lie on its stomach, and let your dog extend their front leg outward while holding their front legs by kneeling behind their back.

3. In savasana, you can help your dog lie on its back while stroking its exposed belly. Dogs enjoy these asanas while getting pampered at the same time. You can help your dog practice these asanas every day and also perform yoga along with them.

4. In chair asana, you have to hold your dog from behind, make your dog sit on its hind legs and raise their front paws. Your dog is bound to enjoy these asanas with you when you make this a daily routine.

5. Inner dog mudra helps you connect with the energy of your dog better. Kneel on the floor and touch the forehead of your dog with your forehead. Most of these mudras and asanas help dog reduce their hyperactivity, help them socialize better and be in the best of moods.

Teaching your dog mindfulness is possible only through Doga. A walk on the beach and other exercises will also be beneficial, but Doga can put your dog to better sleep and increase their metabolism. It is one of the best ways to bond with your pet.

Most of these stretches are gentle and can calm down an impatient dog and increase their levels of tolerance. Even handicapped dogs can benefit from Doga.

‘Doga’ is the new coinage for yoga that can be done with your dogs. Yes, you can teach those asanas, and help calm their nerves, enhance their metabolism through Doga. This new dog yoga is a good exercise for your pet canine.

So, bring out those yoga mats and get them started with their daily dose of doga.  More power to your canine friend!