6 Indian Sweets That Gave Birth To The Most Adorable Dog Names!

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This is going to be super fun!

Sweets are our weaknesses. Every true Indian will agree. We crave sweets and we cannot survive without having a piece every now and then. And some of us can't imagine life as we know it without them. 

With that much power, it is no surprise that we named our dogs after our favorite sweet! Let's have a look of few Dog Names:


1. Laddooo!

Oh yes, how can any name in the world beat this one? Be it our dog at home or the ones we pet on the street. Laddooo just comes very naturally to us!


Image Source: www.mymodernmet.com


2. Rasgullaa!

The ultimate spongy desert! Why we call our babies rasgulla is very evident. It reminds us of how much this spongy fur-baby resembles the love we have for rasgulla! Honestly, I love it when people call their doggies such weird names!


Image Source: www.pluspets.net


3. Jalebi!

Oh Oh, any winter without this sweet dish in incomplete! So why not name our winter protector after our favorite sweet? Jalebi just suits them perfectly! Don't know how but kissing them is same like the feeling to eat that garma garam jalebi!


Image Source: www.mymodernmet.com


4. Gulab Jamun!

I just had a gulab jamun yesterday, and even though I did not share it with my dog, I couldn't stop thinking how often I call my dog my gulab jamun! And it just goes perfectly! That sweetness outside and inside is incredible!


Image Source: www.townandcountrymag.com


5. Halwaaa!

Winters and summers both are filled with this! And our hearts just can't get enough of this. Anything more we can add to describe our dog? We cannot get too much of our dog ever, can we? Calories can come, we don't mind!


Image Source: www.theonion.com


6. Lassi!

That brings back so many memories, especially times with family and friends. How precious are our memories, and it is no surprise we call our munchkin by what we love. 2 glasses of Lassi please!


Image Source: stuffpoint.com


What other sweets did we miss? Let us know in the comments below! We love to get to know your pooch even more. (Or should we call your dog Laddoo..!)