6 Pet Symptoms You Should Never Neglect, if You Love Your Dog!

Wag News, last updated 24th, Apr 2016, Deepshikha Tahiliani

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In order to save money, dog owners tend to ignore the regular medical checkups of their pets. Just like us, our pooches need a regular trip to the vet. One should make sure to take thdoget to a veterinarian in case the pet faints, couldn’t walk properly, bleeding, or had a seizure. However, you should be aware that when exactly you have to take your pet to the veterinarian. To get you out of this perplexed situation, we are here to guide you about the symptoms that indicate that you pet cat or dog needs to see a vet immediately.


If you dog has diarrhea for more than a day, it shouldn’t be taken for granted. As compared to humans, the dogs get dehydrated in a much quicker way. Hence, if you dog has a loose motions for more than a day, plan a quick visit to the vet.


Breathing trouble

If you notice any kind of variation in breathing pattern of your dog, make sure you take him to the vet instantly. Because of smaller respiratory systems, even a minor breathing difficulty might be severe for them. If they are panting heavily, or have noisy breathing, ensure that your dog is checked up by a veterinarian.


No food in 48 hours


If you notice a major loss of appetite in 48 hours, there is a reason to be worried. There are high chances that your dog might have a nutritional deficiency, which could create a problem for future. If you dog is overweight and doesn’t take a proper diet, a visit to a vet is a must.




Vomiting is always a bad sign, be it in humans or dogs. If your dog has vomited twice or thrice in a day, this is a situation to be worried about. Vomiting could be due to some infection, or hormonal imbalance or live or kidney issue. It would certainly be a better decision if you take your dog to the veterinarian and not wait for your dog to be alright on his own.

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Dark stool

Dark colored stool or black stool is considered to be an unhealthy sign for your dog. There are times, when stool is accompanied by blood, which is an issue of concern. As soon as you notice dark stool or if it contains blood, waste no time and take your dog to the vet immediately. 


Increase or decrease in water consumption or urination

A sudden change in urination is also an issue to be taken care of. An alteration in urination or thirst is another reason to be concerned about. If you notice your dog to be drinking water too often, or not drinking at all, then it’s time for a vet trip. This issue indicates, that the dog might be suffering from liver or kidney disease, hormonal imbalance, bladder infection or poisoning.