6 Top Aggressive Dog Breeds

Breeds, last updated 04th, Sep 2017, Pallavi Rao

Soft natured dogs are always a pleasure to raise, especially when you have little toddlers romping around the house. It pays to be extra careful while choosing a pet as the wrong variety can land you into real time trouble. Aggressive dogs are a no-no for cozy homes as they are difficult to manage.

1. The Chihuahua- Your unfriendly neighborhood watchman

real chihuahua

Image source: www.pixabay.com

Chihuahua, the oldest breed in the US was Introduced by none other than Christopher Columbus. Chihuahua is essentially a one master dog that is jealously possessive about the owner to the core.These temperamental dogs are normally found to growl at the strangers.  They are extremely suitable as watchdogs on high alert.


2. The Dachshund-The devil with an attitude

real dachshund

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The Dachshund, primarily a diminutive German dog is notorious for behavioural problems, a dominating attitude, and unwarranted confrontational issues with kids.The Dachshund with its keen hunting instinct can be a menacing threat to your other smaller sized pets around the house.


3. The Chow chow-The dominating dog

real chow chow

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Raising a Chow chow can be challenging and stressful for first-time owners as they are very dominating. To inculcate manners in them, you need to be strong and firm with this assertive dog. They are also noted to have vision problems of a certain kind.


4.  The Doberman-Dog with a stiff upper lip

real doberman

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The Doberman can be seen in most military and police training campuses for guarding and policing purposes. This famous dog of German lineage is very protective about his master; however, it needs to be raised by people with a strong leadership instinct so that it grows up to be a people friendly dog.


5. The Dalmatian-The Charming Croatian

real dalmatian

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Have you heard of the old Croatian hunting dog that was used for hunting rats or other smaller sized pests? It is none other than the famous Dalmatian which has so far tickled the imagination of many creative minds with its artistic dog coat with black dots. These are the best choices as carriage and guard dogs and crave for constant attention from their masters. Dalmatian, although an active and high energy dog, tends to be aloof in the company of other dogs and hence needs to be socialized at an early age.


6. The Jack Russell- The Scary Badger hunter

Real Jack russell

Image source: www.pixabay.com

The fox hunting Jack Russell, that was used originally for ground hog and badger hunting in England. It is difficult to constantly manage these over energetic and stubborn dogs.  They are impatient with children and do not tolerate them well. It would only be life threatening for the small kids to have these dogs around as pet companions.

Dogs are interesting creatures that were originally born to be loyal and good companions. While some dogs impress us with their naturally pleasant manners, some others seem to be diabolos on four legs. The above-mentioned dogs can really mess up with you and your kids in life-altering ways of their own.  We need to be careful while selecting the right variety as not all breeds can be domesticated. Some still retain the wild element in them and are born military generals. So it is finally up to us to keep the right and discard the wrong.