6 Ways to make your walk with your dog more fun

Training, last updated 17th, Jul 2016, Maanasi Radhakrishnan

Ever get tired of the run of the mill walks with your canine friend? Want a quick few tips on how you can spruce them up? Read on to find out how.

1.  Explore a new trail

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Let's play a round of what we call simple reasoning. Every now and then you get bored of the same food, place, work, routine and the like, Yes? If you get bored, don't you think your little pooch does too? Do you really think he wants to go on umpteen rounds within the same freaking park, Every Single Day? So how about exploring newer trails for a change of scenery every once in a while? 


2. Bring a Friend

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How about you strike up a conversation with an actual person and not some virtual friend you made on the internet? Conversations require you to talk to the other person, Texting, doesn't exactly spell Conversation right away you know. So, on your next doggie walk, just drag your friend along and catch up maybe. It would be nice to talk to a human face and not a phone screen. And what's that? Has he a dog too? Doggie date, set!


3. Play Fetch!

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Your dog is a scavenger au naturale! So finding a chicken bone by the sidewalk is equivalent to winning the doggie lottery, if there is something like it, that is! Not the most sanitary of all activities, but definitely a fun packed scavenger hunt for your pet.


4. Talk to humans

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One of the things that really uplifts your pooch's mood is a friendly little hug or a pat on the back from a stranger. When on one of your little walks with your pet, if someone would like to pet your pet, let them! If they don't want, or they've got some kind of canine fear, walking your dog straight up to them might not be advisable.


5. Change the Pace

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Does every day need to be just another stroll in the park? If you say yes, then you really need to get that adrenaline pumping, lest you want to make frequent visits to the doctor! Switch gears and ramps up the pace. Be sure your dog keeps up with you, or the other way around seems more possible.


6. Encourage Sniffing

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Before you tug at that leash and abruptly cut short your dog's sniffing session, Wait. It's their way of exploring the world, so let them. The last thing they need is for you to cut short on their little learning experience.

These suggestions might just spruce your walks up a bit. Dogs need change too, in a lot of ways, they are exactly like us, so taking some time to understand their needs wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. For all you know, that new routine might just be what they've been barking about all this while!