6 Ways You Can Celebrate Your Pet's "Birthday" or "Gotcha-Day"

Life with Dogs, last updated 30th, Dec 2017, Anshika Saxena

It's all about celebrating the connection we have with our pets. An awesome puppy-inspired party is a great chance for all your pet's best friends (and their parents)to get together and have fun. Weather it is your companion's birthday, adoption day, or the day when you first met them. Celebrating your pet is a must! After all, they work really hard all-round the year to make sure that you don't feel lonely or depressed.

#1 Start With Planning the Theme

Why have a party when you can have a pawty? Plan a cute "Hot Dog" party. You can pick up a theme based on your furry's name or their favourite things.

#2 Decide the Party-Spot

After deciding the theme, it's time to plan the location. If it is winter season, then a outdoor setting in the afternoon would be a great idea. In short, as per your feasibility, plan if indoor will suit you well or outdoors.

#3 Is there any celebration complete without a Sweet-Treat?

You can order a doggo-cake or if you love baking then you can ty your hands on it. Plenty of recipes are available on the internet.

#4 Click-Click all throughout

Let's face it, we all pet parents are just a little too obsessed with our furries and are constantly clicking their photos. You don't want to miss out on snapping memories on their special day. How about setting up a tiny-photo-booth? It will be fun to play dress up with poochies and in clicking fancy pictures with props.

#5 Contest for Foodie-Doogie

Dogs love to eat and making a fun activity out of their favourite activities will definitely be a great idea. We aren't bragging but our site has got some really cool chew-and-sticky collection. You might wanna check that out. If you are doing a last moment planning then baking them in your kitchen would be purrfect!

#6 Musical-Spot

Ask all the pet parents to line-up with their leashed dog in front of on-the-ground hula hoops. Make sure there's one less hoop than there are dogs. Play "Who Let the Dogs Out" and when the music stops, each dog has to be sitting in a hoop along with their person's foot or they're out.

Lastly but most importantly do not forget to Supervise the party. You don't want any situation to get out of your hands. Happy Celebrations!