7 Bollywood movies where the dog plays a dumb role

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1. Hum Aapke Hain Koun


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This Suraj Barjatiya’s Cult Classic had one character so dumb that he made you cry at Renuka Sahane’s death in the movie and filled you with joy when he brings the main duo together in the climax. Really, such a dumb dog.


2. It’s Entertainment


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Another stupid dog. When the protagonist realises that his rich father willed all his money to his dog, the actor tries to kill him but only succeeds in developing a deep bond with him. This is a story of the dog’s selfless love, loyalty and friendship. But the dog is no doubt completely dumb as he also tries to save his human from a fatal attack in the movie. Dumb!


3. Dil Dhadakne Do


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Dumbness is guaranteed when a rich Punjabi family takes their dog ‘Pluto Mehra’ on a cruise tour. The dog observes and showcases to the audience the inside and outside of the Mehra family. You need to be very dumb to pull that off.


4. Main Prem Ki Deewani Hun


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Alright, in all fairness, every dog in the list is super intelligent and the movies aren’t half bad either; apart from this one. The saving grace of the movie might just be the dog, a Golden Retriever , who is initially tasked with biting the behind of the main lead in the movie and a lot more. The dog’s cuteness may be the only thing that will keep you alive throughout this movie.


5. Chillar Party


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This one is our favourite as this celebrates ‘Stray Dogs’. The film shows the effort and struggle of nine kids trying to save their beloved furry friend from being terminated because he is a stray. The love and friendship showed between ‘Bhidu’ the dog and ‘Fatka’ make us sure that Bhidu is one dumb dog.


6. Khoon Bhari Maang


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How often are humans undone by other humans only to be saved by the ones we call animals? The dog also ends up taking a bullet in the chest to save the actress in the end of the movie. He takes revenge upon villain after villain and martyrs himself in the end for his human, surely that’s dumb!


7. Teri Meherbaniyan


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This may just go down as the Bollywood movie that ran almost on the shoulders and paws of the dog in the movie. ‘Moti’ is a dog rescued by the lead actor and the duo is best buddies thereafter until one fateful day the man is murdered by the antagonist. Moti avenges the murder of his human by killing one villain after another. But the most loved scene of the movie is when Moti folds his paws and pays homage at the fallen human’s grave. Heartbreaking, and did we say dumb?


That's a wrap on our list of dumb dogs in Bollywood Movies. We are sure that you would have many many dumb and intelligent dog tales to share with us, don't shy, write away. Awaiting your comments, people! :)