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Some dogs are better known as lazy heads, some as sweet peas, some as couch potatoes, while some are hyper-active and are constantly playing. Usually, people judge a dog by how they look, which is wrong. As it is said, never judge a book by its cover. Those who look different and stern might turn out to be much sweeter than you expected. Here we are with 7 dog breeds that are purely gentle giants.

1. Great Dane


Image Source: puppytoob.com

Great Dane or German Mastiff is popular because its size and admired as Gentle Giants. They are extremely social and friendly towards humans and other animals as well including cats.


2. Bernese Mountain Dog


Image Source: www.ravenridgebernese.com

Bernese Mountain Dogs are large pooches from Switzerland. Their weight can go up to 120 pounds. They are huge and cuddly and totally do justice to gentle giants category.


3. Bullmastiffs


Image Source: www.greatdogsite.com

Bullmastiff is not only large but super adorable. They are guardian dogs and have a natural instinct to be cautious of strangers. However, this breed is affectionate and turns out to be great family pets as well.


4. Newfoundland


Image Source: hannibalkennels.on.ca

Newfoundland is docile and powerful at the same time. They were earlier recruited as water rescue dogs in Canada. Despite of its huge size, Newfoundland is gentle, social and very friendly.


5. Greyhound


Image Source: www.vetstreet.com

Greyhounds are counted amongst one of the fastest dog breeds in the world. These hardworking pooches are terrific at racing and hunting. However, sometimes they are a little lazy and prefer to be on the couch most of the time. They are gentle for sure, but a little caution should be taken around small animals.


6. English Mastiff


Image Source: www.vetstreet.com

English Mastiffs are large guardian dogs. They are excellent at their job thanks to their massive appearance. Another good thing is that they are sweet and very gentle. Regardless of their size, they make amazing family companions.


7. Saint Bernard


Image Source: www.woofipedia.com

Saint Bernard originally a rescue dog is credulous. They, however have the strength to work. With a huge body, Saint Bernard is a gentle demeanor, who is very social and a wonderful family pet.

All these dog breeds are gullible and gentle. Don’t get fooled by their huge body sizes. They are total gentle giants. So go ahead, cuddle and snuggle with them, they LOVE it.

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