7 funny things that only a pet parent would understand

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Life is better when you are a pet parent. Your four-legged friend makes sure that you don’t feel sad even for a bit. However, there are times, when circumstances get so silly that you can't help but laugh at it. If you are a pet/dog parent, you will understand what we are talking about.


1. I think the floor is wet, it would be better if you carry me!


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2. Let me in so that I can bug you to take me out again.


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3. Of course, I can fit in.


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4. Okay Human, lets cuddle and sleep!

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5. Let me have this and I’ll think about sharing my food with you later


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6. I am stuck, a little help would be great.


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7. It snowed, I dog swear!


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8. East or west, Floor is the best!


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9. Story of my life!


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10. Whatever it was, I didn’t do it!


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No matter what our dogs do or how they behave, we love them in every way. Isn’t it? Also, remember to tell us about your fun situations with your dog in the comments section.