7 Great Activities To Do With Your Dog

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Are you exhausted by the same old routine!? Is monotony growing between you and your furry friend!? Try these fun activities and kill the guilt for being surrounded by heaps of responsibilities and not being able to spend time with your lovely pooch.

There is a massive list of things which you can do with your dog to kill boredom and strengthen the bond. 


1. Go Hiking over the weekend to leave the city tension behind and have a peaceful time with your pooch.Trekking is well known to be effective in reducing tensions of your daily life. Had a breakup? Trek. Lost a dear one? Trek. Is Life being tough? Trek. TREK.TREK.TREK. And who could be a better companion than your wonderful dog!

 But make sure to check if pets are allowed in that area otherwise it may turn out to be a flop plan. Remember to carry a first-aid kit for you and your dog. 


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2. Don’t have time for a weekend getaway? Don’t worry, you can enjoy short Day Trips with your pooch. Most dogs love to ride in the car. You can take them out to a nearby lake, pet-friendly cafes or visit your friends and family! Go on to explore your city with someone who'll never refuse (so convenient to boss around no?) and share your experiences on social media to make your friends jealous. 

Nothing could be more amazing than hanging out with your best friend: Your Dog.


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3. Throw your lovely pooch a Party! Invite your friends, family, and your doggie-mates. It’s a great way to socialise and enjoy. Plus, it's also a great excuse to eat guilt-free cake and those yummylicious cookies and snacks; after all, it's your dog's birthday! 


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4. Hang around the Beach, play chase in the sand, and take your dog for a swim (make sure to put a life jacket on him). Or you can just laze away in the sand with your pooch by your side, which he'll always be. 

Warning: If your dog is hyperactive, you might be disturbed continuously if you get lost in your thoughts while looking at those beautiful tides washing the shore.

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5. Take your pooch to a Dog Park. Here, you can mingle with other doggies and play various games like fetching, racing, disc-throw, tug of war, and with soap bubbles. It’s also the perfect place to teach him a new trick and social mannerisms. 


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6. You can also have a Photoshoot with your pooch! Make an album and save it for later on to cherish those beautiful memories. Capture his cuteness and your love for each other, which can always be used when he's being a bad doggie. 

You can also make your pooch a celebrity by uploading his pictures on the social media. Let everyone know how handsome your doggie is! It's a good trick to get famous among your pet-loving friends and guess what, one of them could be the person you were crushing on from a long time. 


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7. Practice your hidden talent in front of your dog. But I cannot assure you if he'll be a good audience, that's totally your risk. Sing him a song, teach him how to dance, or plant trees while he can water them (hahaha). 


elvis-dog-costume-with-guitarImage Source: www.costumepedia.com


It is beneficial for you and your dog to mingle as much as you can, plus there are various health benefits (physical and mental) of engaging in activities.

Share your favourite activity in the comments below.

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