7 quick tricks to teach your dog to fetch

Training, last updated 13th, Jul 2016, Maanasi Radhakrishnan

Did you just get a pup who will not listen to a word you say? Are all your attempts to teach him to fetch futile? We've got quite the list for you. Read on to find out.


1. Treats

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A little bribery can go a long way! Reward your pooch with some treats every time he gets one right and you'll see that he's going to try harder to get more right. Use the treats in moderation of course, else he's just going to sit there. Don't fall for that puppy dog face with the big eyes and pass him treats for no reason!


2. Start Early

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Begin training as early as possible, Now your puppy isn't a genius, so the first time you say Fetch it isn't exactly going to start ringing bells in his head. What you have to do is play fetch on repeat and keep saying it over and over again until it registers. Once it does you can depict the action of fetching, over and over again. Be sure you reward him if, no wait, when he gets it right.


3. Clickers

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Clickers help dogs to get acquainted with certain actions. So associate the clicker with a treat and at the same time with the action of fetching. So every time your pooch hears the click, it will automatically trigger the action of fetching. So click away and if you're good enough, you might not have to get out of bed to fetch that early morning newspaper!


4. Toys

Image Source: Wikimedia.org Image Source: Wikimedia.org

"The ball! The ball! The ball! Get the Ball!" Is this your everyday dialogue to try to get your dog to fetch the Ball? Doesn't come to much fruition? Maybe that's because he doesn't like the ball. Now, no dog is going to set out on a little venture to fetch a toy he is not fascinated with at the very least! So make sure you get him a chew toy he loves, or a colorful tennis ball will do just fine.


5. Watch and learn

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If you can't get your dog to fetch, try this one. How about you take him to a park or locality where other dogs and their owners play fetch. Let the pooch observe the action of throwing and retrieving the ball. You never know, this might just trigger that light bulb in your pooch's head and he might just go, "Oh! That's what I'm supposed to do!"


6. Practice

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Practice makes perfect and that applies to the four-legged kind as well. No, they aren't going to get it right on the first day, and neither the second. Patience is the key, doggy owners! Make sure you go over the drill every day, lest your pooch forgets!


7. Trainer

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If all else fails, hiring a trainer wouldn't be such a bad idea. It sure would make your task a hell lot easier, that's for sure!

We hope these tricks, help, for all you know, it might just help you in the long run. Who knows, one day it's the morning newspaper, next day, it's the groceries and maybe someday it'll be that beer from the fridge!

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