7 Reasons How Celebrating Once A Month ''Spoil Your Dog Day'' Is What You Poochie Needs

Life with Dogs, last updated 24th, Sep 2017, Anshika Saxena

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably already spoil your dog. Rather than admit to my dog being spoiled, I prefer to say they are “well-loved.” I mean, makes sense, yeah? No? Okay, well it makes me feel better about the fact that my life entirely revolves around my fur kid. But the fact of the matter is, it is completely okay to spoil your dog once in a while !  Here are a handful of super simple ways that you can spoil your dog on this special day. Let’s consider celebrating once a month ''Spoil Your Dog Day''! Your dog works hard. Like, really hard. They put in forty hours a week at the home office, help you clean up dropped food items off the floor, and are always excited to see you when you get home. For most of us, our pups are the glue that keep us together and sane. Next time you see your dog doing one of these things, remember how hard they work and LET THEM DO IT! 1. Take Over The Entire Bed Sure, you’re a human and are probably bigger than your dog, but your pupper deserves to take over as much of the bed as he may please. Don’t start nagging about how tired and stressed you are, we all know who did most of the cleaning work today. Don’t say ‘No’ or ‘get down’ that’s just not appropriate. 2. Take out the trash. Your pup knows that you have had a hard week, and the last thing they want you to do is to stress over a smelly garbage. Don’t worry, pup is here to help. So what if he decides to take it out piece by piece? There is CLEARLY a method to your dog’s cleaning habits. The garbage is going to get out of your house…eventually.

3. Trying out different spots for peeing Your dog knows that sometimes, it’s hard for you to take them out exactly when they need to go. They know you are pooped and very into the series you are binging on Netflix. Why bother you and let you know they need to go outside when they can simply find a clever place to take care of their business indoors? You really should get rid of that tattered blouse you left on the floor, anyway.

4. Go through your laundry Remember that H&M coupon you just used? Your dog does. In fact, if memory serves correctly, your dog was the one who signed you up for those coupons. Don’t go thinking those new dresses are just for you. Your pup is completely in the right to dig through your dirty laundry and tear up as many clothes as she desires.

5. Bake a Special Treat

We all know I’m all about the homemade dog treat recipes. Today is the perfect day to bust out those baking ingredients! Whether your dog prefers something soft, frozen or crunchy, go out make it for them

6. Buy a New Toy

My Dog has about a billion toys. Do I care? Absolutely not. Every six months or so I do go through them and donate what he doesn’t play with. Does this stop me from buying him new toys? Of course not! That’s the dog mom life, right? For Spoil Your Dog Day, browse through Dogspot.in and buy them a new toy!It’s always a great day to spoil your pup with a new toy.

7. Add Goodies to Their Meal

Jazz up your doggy’s meal with some fresh dog-friendly fruits and veggies. Great options are kale, carrots, peas, apples or blueberries. Remember that although I’m an expert dog mom, I’m not a veterinarian. Be sure to consult your vet with specific diet questions or concerns.

The National Spoil Your Dog Day falls on August 10. But why wait for an entire year when you can celebrate it every month.