7 reasons why a dog is the best Valentine, even better than men / women!!

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We love our pooches and they are truly our best friends. Blessed with a high level of understanding of human emotions, dogs make wonderful companions and soul mates. With Valentine’s day being round the corner, we bring to you 10  reasons why our furry best friends are also the best Valentines. This year, let’s celebrate the spirit of love with our pooches.

Cleaning up is so easy!


With a dog as a Valentine, the celebration can be so simple. With a dog there are no party leftovers and that means that the next day you don’t have to spend time cleaning up empty chip packets, beer bottles or pizza boxes.

Dogs don’t care if you have 6 abs or are a size zero!


6 abs? Size zero? A dog does not care! Many a times I think that a dog is like a mum. Just like our mothers, the sight of us eating well is one of the most gratifying and wonderful sights. So instead of feeling guilty about gaining some pounds, be happy with the happiness in your pooches eyes, even if it’s for the food in your plate!

Why shop? Save!


I think one of the biggest worries before Valentines day is what one is going to wear. What dress, which brand, what style, what accessories! With a pooch as a Valentine, such worries are a waste of time. You can spend the Valentines day in your pajamas and your pooch will be more than happy to snuggle next to you.

Fresh? Exciting? Why bother?!!


Another worry is to find or make something fresh and exciting and different from the mundane life. With a dog as a Valentine, even the most mundane tasks are exciting. A walk  in the park, a car ride or sharing a scoop of ice - cream (even if its the 1000th time) is as exciting as it was the first time.  

No control freaks!


Dogs are just the happiest beings on the planet! They are not bothered of you are wearing flat shoes instead of stilettoes / if you are ordering chinese and not mexican! They are least bothered if you are driving slow or with the windows down or with a different radio channel than the usual one. As long as they are with you, Dogs are happy beyond words.

No pretence!

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Dogs don’t really care as long as you are with them! One can be their natural real self around dogs because the dogs are just interested in whatever you are interested in. 

Free Kisses

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You don't have to think about free love. With dogs you can get the best kisses in the whole world and all your stress will vanish into thin air!

Do you have a reason why your pooch is your best valentine, comment on the link and share with us.

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