7 Reasons Why You Should Not Adopt A Beagle

Wag News, last updated 26th, Oct 2017, Deepshikha Tahiliani

Don’t you want to squish and cuddle as soon as you see a beagle? If you are saying “No”, we don’t believe you. Beagles are cute and their body structure makes them cuter. With so much of energy and love, beagle love to play all day long.

They adore their human to the moon and back. But still, we could give you some strong reasons why you shouldn’t adopt a beagle. Don’t believe us? Check them out!


Image Source: rawstory.com


1. A beagle will definitely raid your fridge and then give you that adorable look that would say, “OOPS!”


Image Source: pinterest.com


2. A Beagle will politely stare at you and make you realize that he is getting late for his walk.


Image Source: petinlife.com


3. Your Beagle and your couch will have a special bond, which might make you jealous.


Image Source: magic4walls.com


4. When you sit and share things with your beagle, be ready for the look that says “What??”


Image Source: golfian.com


5. Then they decide to give birth to beagle pups, who have the capacity to get themselves pampered by you throughout the day!


Image Source: pinterest.com


6. Did you know that their bark is different for every occasion? Plus Beagle means loudmouth in French. Hence, get ready to have an equal conversation with the beagle. WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

Image Source: mentalfloss.com


7. They apologize with the best puppy face. You can't ignore that kind of Sorry, can you?


Image Source: pinterest.com


No matter how naughty beagles are, but they are super adorable in every way. Try not to say “Awwww”, we double dare you!

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