7 Reasons Why Your Puppy Has Turned Into A Little Monster!

Wag News, last updated 06th, Jun 2016, Prekshita Patwa

All puppies are cute. However the only thing that makes people slightly scared of them is when they create a mess. You don't want others to point it out to you. Here's a list of reasons he might be disobeying you:


1.  Play-Biting.

They think its play time all the time, and they know playing by biting!



2. They think strange things are tasty.

There is little control on what is to be eaten and whats not. If you haven't taught him what to eat and what not to then it will be a problem for you.


3. House Training

If they don't know their place to poop the chances of thr



4. They like the attention.

Did you give them a lot of attention when they were misbehaving? You have your problem right there.



5. Too Much Energy!

More energy leads to more mischief!



6. Curiosity and Mischief!

If your puppy is not easily bored and is always sniffing around trying to pick up and tear things then there is some things you need take care of.



7. Jumping!

YES, the more they jump the more they scare people off.