7 Things that a Stray Dog wants you to listen this Diwali

Wag News, last updated 27th, Mar 2017, Deepshikha Tahiliani

We are all geared up for Diwali, aren’t we? The festival of lights brings happiness and in the name of celebration, there are new clothes, sweets, and bursting of firecrackers. But, have it crossed your mind ever that how much suffering do these firecrackers bring to a dog? Your pet dog still has you who would take care of him but what about the stray dogs? People tie crackers to their tails; burst numerous bombs near them just for their own amusement. For street dogs, Diwali isn’t less than a “terrorist attack” for them. This Diwali, stray dogs all around your neighborhood are urging you something, we hope you are listening to their request.


1. Ouch! Please don’t tie firecrackers to my tail. It hurts!


Image Source: www.youthkiawaaz.com

Tieing firecrackers to their tail won't make you a big man. The dogs get physically hurt the same way you do.


2. Oh No! The sound of bursting firecrackers is unbearable. Please stop it! Please?!


Image Source: youtube.com

Dogs have highly sensitive ears and can hear even minute, ultrasounds. Imagine the pain that they bear during Diwali.


3. No! Not Again Please! I can't see you! The firecrackers' smoke make your face hazy to me.


Image Source: www.folomojo.com

the smoke from the firecrackers make their vision hazy and further take them a step forward towards illness.


4. Oh my God, I feel dizzy! After Diwali, it must be normal days for you, but they turn into days of recovery for me.


Image Source: www.urdogs.com

With all the loud noises, smoke and injuries, it takes them days to get back to their normal self.


5. I never intend to harm you, then why do you harm me with the firecrackers?

Image Source: www.vier-pfoten.eu

Stray dogs never harm you until you hurt them. Please don't provoke them.


6. If I had a voice, would you stop bursting firecrackers near me?


Image Source: quotesgram.com

Just because the dogs can't stand for themselves, doesn't mean that we should trouble them.


7. I may look I can take care of myself, right? But every Diwali I fail to protect myself from fireworks. Can you help me?

1Image Source: thedogplace.org

It's our duty to help these poor pooches wandering on the streets. Take that little step and save them from crackers this Diwali.

We fail to understand how on earth does hurting a voiceless dog can give somebody pleasure? Diwali surely makes us happy but think about these poor mute souls who are trying to save themselves from not getting burnt. Now is the time to take care of those who can’t do it themselves. Hence, this Diwali Go-Green, take a pledge and say no to firecrackers. It is important for us to take care of our dogs this Diwali and to do that properly, click here.


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