8 Reasons To Adopt A Dog

Adoption, last updated 06th, Aug 2014, Vishesh Raj

Can't decide how to get a pet? Not really sure if you should buy one or adopt one? Well here are 8 reasons why you should adopt a dog, rather than buying one!


1. Be the hero, Save a life!



As most of the dogs at pet shelters don’t make it to new homes, it seems very disheartening to see these innocent lives trapped inside cages for what seems to be eternity for them. Go ahead, adopt! Give these beings a chance at living life the way they should. Not trapped inside a cage. Let them live, they’re full of joy, love and happiness. Let them bring in their bundle of joy in your life.


2. Unconditional Love



Ever heard the saying, “You don’t realise the value of things unless you lose them”? Well many of these dogs have nothing to lose. Kept in a shelter from a very small age, these little chaps have hardly been loved. Dogs demand love. However, they reciprocate the same love ten folds!


3. Stop Irresponsible Breeding



Very often, people don’t realise that when buying a pet from an irresponsible breeder, they fuel these breeders to keep going at their inhumane ways of breeding. Remember, the puppies you buy come from a mother. These mothers are nothing but machines to such breeders. In order to stop such brutality, one has to put their foot down and say NO!


4. They Come In All Shapes and Sizes



When adopting a pet, one has a lot of options to consider. It just isn’t one breed that you have to choose, and research shows that, the dogs found at the shelter are about one month old to 3 years mostly. You never know, your best buddy may be nothing like what you expected it to be.


5. Save a fortune 



Would you really wish to pay for a dog, if it came for free? Let’s face it, a majority of pet owners have paid for their pet. And that too, a quite significant amount. And somewhere down the line, the pet owners may feel guilty about it. What kind of difference does it make? You think you’ve done a good deed by setting the dog free off its cages? Remember the above said point? “STOP IRRESPONSIBLE BREEDING”.


6. Spread the word 



When your friends and family see your new found love, they’re sure to ask you of where you got it from. And with that, you’re surely going to let people know about the shelter. Help more of your friends adopt! 


7. Skip the puppy training



When you adopt a dog, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a puppy. These dogs can be anything from a month old till about 3-4 years old mostly. And some of them, even house trained. These dogs don’t always have to be stray dogs. They may even be well trained house dogs who ended up in the shelter mainly because of problems with the pet owner.So if you’re lucky enough, your adopted pet may already be well trained for all you know.


8. Preventing pet overpopulation

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There aren’t really many shelters in the city that can take n number of pets that end up abandoned. At some point of time, they do fill up right to their very limit. Some even pack in more than one dog in a cage, making it really uncomfortable for these poor souls. So by taking them in, you don’t only take home a friend, but also give other abandoned pets a chance to meet their perfect pet parent.

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