8 Reasons You Should Never Bring Puppies Home

Life with Dogs, last updated 30th, Mar 2017, Prekshita Patwa

Puppies demand a lot of work. They just sit anywhere and pee. They don't really understand the concept of not treating your hand like a toy. They're just over-excited in life and make it very difficult to handle. Why people get puppies is still a mystery. But meanwhile let us tell you why you should never get home a puppy:


1. They just end up looking WAY CUTER than you in all their pictures. Your friends no longer like your pictures it is just the puppy who gets all the attention now...


Image Source: lifeseasons

2. They don't help you relax. They just sit there and stare at you. Looking into their eyes doesn't make you problems go away!


Image Source: buzzfeed

3. Even if you refuse to play with them, they don't really mind. Actually, they don't even get sad if you're not around them...


Image Source: charlesprogers

4. BIG TIME MONSTERS. They can't play by the rules and end up in a huge fight. There is nothing cute about watching two dogs play in the mud...


Image Source: lifeseasons

5. And after all that play, watching them sleep is even more terrible. You just want them to get up and get off your cozy bed...


Image Source: amazonaws

6. When it is morning they start begging to play AGAIN! And even this time you just wanna say no. Look at that face, who in the right mind will say yes...


Image Source: buzzfeed

7. Then they do really weird things to try to look cute. Do they?


Image Source: buzzfeed

8. And the worst is how they think just about everything can make a good toy. Creating a mess is their only characteristic. And you hate to run around them to get your stuff back!

Image Source: youbulksmart

I'm just glad I ain't a puppy! Am I really... NO! Their lives are just perfect! All they need to do is show their face and get everything done their own way. Lucky little puppies. We love them, don't we?. Pamper your little furry friend like this!

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