8 Simple Ideas That Will Keep Your Pets Occupied During This Lockdown

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Bored pets often create trouble. From chewing the furniture to messing up those shoes, most pets create fun activities for themselves when we don’t give them any. For pet parents, this lockdown is a blessing as they get to spend more and more time with their pets.

However, keeping your pets busy at all times can be a daunting task. Cats, as opposed to dogs, find games and things to entertain themselves, but dogs especially puppies, need some form of entertainment every now and then. Fret no more, because we have made a list of 8 simple and fun activities that will keep your pets busy while you enjoy this lockdown with them.

1. Treat hunt

Nose work games are the best to exhaust your dog. Both physically and mentally. Grab a few treats and let your dog watch where all you keep them. Sit down in one place after that and watch him find those treats.

2. Use treats dispensing toys

Interactive treat-dispensing toys are great for keeping your dog busy for a long time. Just get a good interactive toy and hide a few treats in them and give it to your dog. He will be busy for hours.

3. Play hide and seek

Now, who doesn’t love to play hide and seek? It will not only be entertaining for your pet but will also be great for you to spend some quality time with them. Run and hide somewhere in the house and scream your pet’s name. Don’t forget to give them a treat when they find you.

4. Tug of war

One way to make sure your dog is exhausting all his energy is to play tug of war with him/her. You can get a rope toy or even an old towel to play with them. Just keep pulling one side while they grab the other.

5. Hallway fetch

Just like how you’d play fetch with your dog in the park, use the hallway of your house to play fetch with him/her at home. All you need is a ball and you’re good to go!

6. Netflix, quarantine, and chill

Well, just like humans, sometimes dogs need to relax and cuddle next to their hooman. What better than watching a dog movie or cartoon with your dog on a lazy afternoon? PS: Nothing!

7. Master some basic training

It is important to keep giving your pets basic training lessons. Make the most of this time at home and give them a recap of their training. New pet parents can actually make the most of this time and teach their puppies basic training skills.

8. Give them a massage

We all love massages. Even your pets do. Pampering your pets is always a great way to keep them busy. So, grab some coconut oil and give your pet a great massage.

Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments section below. Happy quarantine!

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