8 Ways To Keep Your Dog Smelling Good

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Every dog owner would know that dogs have their own smell. Though dog parents won’t mind the smell of their dogs, for many people, the smell can be overwhelming. With dogs inside the house and car, their trace smell can be found everywhere.

Defining Dog’s Smell

So what exactly is a dogs smell?? In reality dogs do not sweat as humans do. Dogs cool off by panting. However, dogs do sweat from their paws, nose and their fur. The “sweat” and the smell is individual is unique to each one. Dogs also have oil glands that are produce oil which keeps their skin and fur healthy. Every dog therefore has his / her own scent and that’s how dogs recognise each other.


Why do dogs smell?


Dog odour may of varied sorts - flatulence, skin infections, bad breath or matted fur. The scent becomes unpleasant when there is a growth of bacteria / fungus / skin infection. In the end no matter how cute a dog or puppy is, bad odour can make it difficult to stay with them.

It is very important to understand the main reason behind the dog’s odour. A dirty, unkempt dog can smell up the entire place. However, many a times clean dogs also give bad odour. We have listed a few reasons why a dog may smell bad:

  • Dirt - A dog may spend his / her playtime rolling in the mud or wet grass or even faeces.

  • In case of flatulence / bad breath:

    • A dog may have an onset of kidney disease if there is a persistent smell of urine around the dog.

    • In case there is a sweet - sugar breath, it will be a good idea to show the dog to a vet.

    • In case of an onset of liver troubles, there may be a faecal odour around the dog along with yellowish eyes and gums.

  • Infected ears: with a buildup of earwax or ear infections dogs may have a pungent decaying smell around them.

  • Blocked scent glands - every dog has scent glands which when healthy secrete a musky odour. These glands are also called Anal Glands and thats why dogs scent each others butt. However due to ill health, the scent glands may become blocked and be unable to drain or secrete. Malfunctioning scent glands can be extremely painful for the dog.

  • Skin infection: Skin infection or irritation may be a recurrent phenomenon especially if the folds of the skin are deep such as in Pugs and Bulldogs. The skin may retain moisture in the folds of the skin which may result in bacterial or fungal infection. The skin may also develop skin irritation if frequent baths are given to the dog.

  • Poor Diet: If your dog is having a diet which is high in starch, he / she may develop skin irritation and flatulence with really pungent smell.


8 ways to make your dog smell good


1. Bathing: Regular baths with a fragrant shampoo can reduce the body odour due to dirt and filth. In case your dog has skin problems, it will be a good idea to consult a vet and give bath with a medicated shampoo. Using a good conditioner is also vital as it will keep the fur soft. It is important to remember that when giving a bath to your dog, remove all the shampoo and conditioner with water. Shampoo remaining in the fur can cause skin irritation and infection.


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2. Regular grooming: It is difficult to give bath to a dog everyday. However, it is very easy to groom dogs. Using a brush with firm bristles back and front comb your dog daily. Regular brushing will remove dirt from the fur and make the fur glow.


3. Cleaning Ears: Using ear buds / ear wipes, gently clean the ears of your pooches. Be careful while cleaning the ears as they are extremely sensitive. Clean between the crevices and  folds so that all dirt or wax is removed and the wax build up is minimised.

4. Good Dental Hygiene is a must: Using a soft brush gently brush your dogs teeth at least twice a day. Regular brushing will ensure oral hygiene and reduce the chances of bad breath.



5. Regular exercise: Regularly exercising your dog is not only good for you, but for your pooch too. Regular exercise ensures proper digestion and reduces gas buildup which may lead to flatulence.

6. Healthy diet: A good diet is good for your dog. Food rich in fatty acids are excellent for the skin and fur of dogs. Ensure that your dogs diet is rich in fiber and low on soy or corn content. Also avoid given table scraps to your dog. Human food is not really suitable for dogs.

7. Clean crate / bed: Not only is it necessary to keep your dog clean it is also very important to keep their bed / crate clean. Regularly put the crate or bed under the sun so that the bed stays dry and wash the bedding with a mild detergent so that there are no mites / bed bugs to create infections.

8. Dry clean: For dry cleaning a dog, you may sprinkle a little bit of baking soda. Brush off the extra soda and your dog will not have odour for a while.


If you know of more ways to keep your dog smelling good, do write in to us!


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