9 Pet Friendly Cafes In India

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Gone are those days when you had to choose between spending time with your furry friend and having some fun outdoors. But the trend is changing as more and more pet friendly restaurants are coming up in India. 

Here’s a list of cafes where you can hangout with your pooch.


  1. Alibaba, Mumbai

          Located near The Gateway of India, it is an enchanting place offering Thai and Chinese cuisines. Though you can take your pet with you, he will have to hang around in a separate area. But don’t be disheartened, you can order something for your furry friend too while you relish your own meal.


  1. Bagel Shop, Mumbai

         Specialising in bagels and smoothies, it is an open patio café with abundance of space for your pet to play around. Enjoy a pleasant day with your pooch here.

bagel shop

  1. Crimson Chakra, Chennai

An elaborate menu of South Indian style barbequed food with an exclusive zone for pets, it is a lovely place which will refresh you.

           Don’t forget to book your seats in advance.

crimson chakra

  1. Café Canine, Gurgaon

           It is a dog park cum café where you can bring your pooch to experience a day full of entertainment. A splendid place to eat, swim, and play, it should surely be on your visiting list.

cafe canine

  1. Gostana, Mumbai

With some amazing healthy burgers on the menu, not just for you but your pooch too, get ready to enter a trippy Goan place.


  1. Harley’s Corner, Mumbai

           A couple started this restaurant with an initiative to prepare healthy gourmet meals for cats and dogs. Although it has nothing to offer to humans, it is a pure delight for pets.

harley's corner

  1. Mutt Hut, Mumbai

          This café was started by two sisters to let pet owners spend some quality time with their pooches while dining. They organise various activities like training sessions, doggie dates, grooming from time to time. It goes with a funky tagline “Humans Allowed”!


  1. Paw Puppy Paw, Mumbai

          Although it isn’t a restaurant, Paw Puppy Paw provides home cooked nutritional food at your doorstep. It is quite useful for working parents who are out of time to fix a meal for their pooches.

paw puppy paw

  1. Sunny’s, Bengaluru

          A premier European style restaurant which offers Italian, French, and American dishes, it is a sophisticated although a little costly place to chill with your pets.


Now you don’t necessarily have to part with your dog if you want to spend some good time outside. Try one of these places for a totally different and refreshing experience.

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