9 Reasons Its Better To Be A Dog Person Than A Cat Person

Wag News, last updated 08th, Jul 2016, Prekshita Patwa

Our allegiance lies completely to the dogs, because well, for obvious reasons of loyalty, them being loveable goofballs, active, always happy and well countless other reasons. Not to offend any cat lovers out there, but, we all know all cats do is purr and poop.

1) Utter joy

Sometimes we have those stressful and depressing days which etiolate us and we feel hopeless, well, that is when your four-legged canine friend comes to the rescue and fills you with utter joy! Your dog will make you feel better and won’t give up until you actually feel good.

On the other hand, felines mostly mind their own business.


Image Source: barkingbitches.com


2) Chick-magnets

All the single men out there, here is your chance to finally get a girl.

Step1: Take your canine friend out for a walk.

Step2: Watch as your dog suddenly becomes a chick-magnet.

Step3: Thank us.

While cats just look stupid in a leash anyway.

Image Source: www.cesarsway.com


3) Dogs are your own security

Dogs guard your house! They bark away the burglar and make sure you’re safe as well.

And have you ever seen a warning sign saying “Beware of the cat.”? Hell, no! Cats hardly care.


Image Source: www.pitbullforum.com


4) As owners

Dog owners: “Hey, look! See all the tricks my dog can do!”

Cat owners: “ Ya, my cat is around here somewhere, she’ll be back”



Image Source: jokideo


5) Your dog will help you stay fit

Wanna lose those extra pounds? Don’t worry, your dog will make sure you both go out for that walk every day!

Cats, ehhh. You'll just turn into the old lady who stays with the cats.

Image Source: dailymail


6) Sniff out cancer!!

Dogs are now being trained to sniff out ovarian cancer. Like, WHAAAAT! If that doesn’t impress you, we don’t know what does!

Cats can't.

Image Source: quickmeme.com


7) They are heroes

Dogs will wake you up if your house is on fire. Cats will sneak out the back door.


Image Source: www.chinadaily.com


8) Dogs can do jobs

Are you that person who won’t budge off the bed and lie there all day?

Well, your canine can help you get the morning paper and maybe even a snack to nibble on!

We know all lazy people out there, are already making plans on buying a dog!!

Image Source: https://giveitlove.com



9) Cats can be scary

Have you ever stared into those cat eyes? Boy! They can be scary! Imagine a cat looking into an empty room in your house, and just randomly strolling in the hallway, we are sure that it’ll give you that eerie feeling and you’ll be convinced that there is a ghost in your house!!

On the other hand, don’t we just melt after looking at those cute little puppy doggy eyes and the face?

Image Source: www.mypet.com


So we see how these canines can be really great to have around, they are not just cute puffballs, they do make you healthy, help detect cancer, lift your mood, to encapsulate…….they’re basically angels with fur! Leave your opinions in the comments section below!

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