A heartwarming letter from a dog to his human mother

Wag News, last updated 27th, Mar 2017, Deepshikha Tahiliani

Dear Human Mother,

The day you brought me home was the best day of my life. For you, I might be a segment of your life, but for me, you are my life.You and I together can conquer the world or at least our neighbourhood. I don’t mind you leaving me home alone when you go to the office. I wait for you by the window and when I see you grabbing the keys to open the door, it is the happiest moment of the day for me. It makes me feel on top of the world when you pamper me saying “good boy!” Playing fetch with you in the park make me want to hug you right away and shower you with my wet kisses.


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When you cry, don’t think you are alone. I am always there to listen. I will listen to your heart story unwearyingly and would always be there to comfort you when you need the most. Just hold me close and pour your heart out. And I promise that I will make your life happier.

Image Source: healthy-k9.com

However, sometimes I feel a little afraid, what if I fall ill and you take me back to the shelter? When I come off my age, will you slow down for me during the evening walk? Will you still love me when I’ll be old? Will you still take care of me as you do now? Will you still give me food and rub my head with affection? With you being around I feel I’ll be alright all through my life with you.

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Image Source: petguide.com


The bond between you and me is special. We play, we goof-up, we walk, we love, I love every moment of my life with you. Being there for you is the best I can do and I know you will be there for me when I'll need you the most. I love you, my human, forever! Love, Your dog. If you have a special bond with your dog, don't forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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