A touching letter from a dog to human baby

Wag News, last updated 15th, Oct 2016, Deepshikha Tahiliani

Hey lil one,

When I saw you the first time, you spilled all your food on the floor and that moment gave me a certainty that we would be best buds. The bigger people in the house are also good people. The big man takes me out for a walk too. I think he is a nice guy.  Oh yes, I observe too. But, you are my favorite. You are always there to play and to woof.


Image Source: favim.com


When I first came in this house, you were even smaller than now. You slept in my bed and took away my tennis ball, sometimes you put that in your mouth. Your mom didn’t like that much. Honestly, when you did that I didn’t like that too. It was pretty difficult for me to figure out first if you were a human or a puppy. Then, I saw you didn’t have fur, so you were not a puppy.

You loved to fool around with me along with your stuffed toys. Sorry about eating a few of them later. In the garden, I loved it when we played fetch or ball. You cheered me if I took the ball to the other end.


Image Source: Boredpanda.com


When everyone gave me a treat if I responded to “stay”, “Shake” or “Sit”, you treated me with yummy bones only for showing up. When you called my name, it was the best feeling in the world for me. You talked to me, you pamper me, and you brushed my fur.  But, you are growing up now. However, you haven’t forgotten me and still take out time for me. For this, I would follow you to the moon and back or just till the door.

However, I feel a little nervous when you go out with your friends and leave me home. I fear what if you choose to talk to your friends over the phone and not play with me? What if you never share your food with me? What if you don’t take me for long walks anymore? What if you don’t talk to me the way you used to earlier?

I forget all of this when its bedtime. You know why? Well, I see you waiting until if my bed has been put next to your bed. You pamper me always and sit on me sometimes. Often you get up in the night just to check if I’m still there.

Never worry my human. I’ll always be here for you. Spending time with you is the best thing. I’ll always wait for you to come back from school and then you and I can create more memories.



Your furry friend.



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