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I am an animal lover & always had dogs/parrots in my parents house. Right now I have adopted a stray. While my husband & I go to work, our landlords take care of Rocky. But once we move out I need to figure out a way to take care of him. All recommendations & ideas are welcome from working people in similar fix and have figured out a solution.

Also I would like to know if its ok to leave ones dog alone in the house for long hours like 9-5?

I would really like to know of people who are in similar fix and have found a way to cope with this situation . Is it advisble to leave your doggy home for long stretch of time like 9-6?



Dogs, if potty trained,and above the age of 6 months, can be left alone for 8 hrs, like 9:00-5:00 ... They will mostly sleep after you leave, in my experience. If you live in an apartment/ flat, leave the fan on, for air circulation. Leave enough food and water, if he hasn;t already eaten his food. Close the rooms where you dont want him to go. So taht even if he soils, its only one area to clean up.

Also leave some toys for him to play with, so that your furniture isn't the casualty of the antics of a bored canine.
Buy a rubber chew toy, or one that squeals, or a tennis ball.
My husband works fulltime,and i am out 3 days a week, for 5-6 hours. My dog knows when we are going out, and just quiets down. If you think Rocky would be ok in a crate, get one and put him in it, with his toys. People sometimes do not recommend putting food or water inside, because of fear of soiling. Nd if you do put him in a crate, do not make a biig fuss about it. Just command him to go in, or else put him in, say a quick good bye,and just leave.

So this is my experience. Hope it helps.

By: | 23 Nov 2008

All of you Thanks for your advise . Barkingmaddude yes crèche is a good option only in India its a rare and extensive deal so in long run not practical .We reside in Gurgaon .
I think since rocky is a stray he is tougher & more adjustable than the regular domesticated dogs .

By: DoggieDawg | 24 Nov 2008

I agree with what "Loving2Frisky" said in his last blog. I too stay alone so i got a companion for my the dane & lab have a ball with all their toys. I also ensure i treat them with something special whenever they dont wreak the house or soil it. i try and make my parting as non-fussy as they know, every time jiggle my car-keys..they its time to sleep. Also make your "return" as pleasant as possible...get some treats or take them out (have mercy...they have been holding their bladder for 8 hours). Spending quality time with your pet is a MUST. Be it a simple walk, play in the park or just playing ball in the balcony OR just watching TV with them......all they need is your attention, touch & love. Ohh man...i love them so much :-)

By: Subhajit | 16 Dec 2008

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