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We love all things dog. In our endeavour to bring education to pet parents, we collaborated with Manjiri Latey, Facilitator in outdoor education & telepathic animal & nature communication. In conversation with #HumansofDogSpot, Karan Vaid, she spoke about research on telepathic communication with animals and application of animal communication. Read on more insights.

A lot of wisdom is available to us through our surroundings if only we are open to listen and understand. Communication with elements around us has helped us dive into the knowledge offered by animals and nature. 

Our incredible minds can help us communicate through vibrations and energies. There are a lot of people who have successfully practiced this art. While it may seem magical to some people, telepathy is a beautiful way to talk to your pet.

Here are some FAQs on animal and nature telepathy:

1. Does the practice of animal communication come naturally, or does it have to be learned?

There is no real learning that needs to be done. It is innate, and usually our default setting. We usually need a safe workshop place to practice and not be judged. The more time we spend outdoors comes in handy while implementing telepathy. There is a lot of unlearning of the conditioned mind that has to be done.

It is important to break free of the preconceived notions of dos and don’ts. A lot of confidence-building is involved to practice this form of communication. Several workshops are designed for this purpose.

2. Do humans also communicate with nature and landscape?

Our body creates an illusion of separation. But everything is on the same fabric. Be it animals, or trees, or landscapes, we can communicate with everything around us. 

3. Why do dogs sometimes go missing?

Animals and nature around us are a reflection of what is happening around us. Sometimes they mirror the internal state of their human. If a dog gets lost, the dog might be reflecting the same behavior and believes their owner is lost too. Case by case, one needs to understand and listen to the dog. Permit yourself to interact with them.

Sometimes the pets don’t want to be found. They stay connected without physical contact with their owners. A few times dogs leave homes to give the family a new direction of thought. They come to us as higher forms of messengers. Dogs recognize when something in the house needs to be diffused. Searching for a dog will pave the way to search for something that is missing in our life.

4. How is telepathy related to the art of talking to pets?

Tele – means sharing information over a long distance. We have internal reference while communicating with animals. Our senses will reflect what they have to say. We may even hear them in our own voice.

5. How do we differentiate between our imagination and actual communication?

Our concepts and structures of validation have to be moved on the side. Our imagination is a large part of what we are making up and controlling in our heads. 

Communication, on the other hand, will always be specific in terms of what question I have asked and to whom. The root of communication is intention. Energy always follows thought. 

6. What information is required to communicate with an animal? 

In a consultation, a picture is usually required. Nowadays, communication happens mostly through intention and what topic needs to be addressed. Pictorial reference is not necessary. Once communication starts, the conversation is free-flowing during the stipulated time.

7. Does distance matter while animal communication?

It is a relative concept. Time and distance do not matter for animals. The connection is always through other factors. What matters is the connection through the head, in fact, our whole physicality and gut. 

8. What is the science behind telepathy?

Telepathy has been debated for many years. Since it cannot be quantified people have their doubts. Nowadays, there are Ph.D. Professors and many Ted Talks on the concept of telepathy. Telepathy has existed in many other forms, now it is also finding a way to be quantified through mathematicians. 

9. Is animal communication a modern form of shamanism?

Shamanism is a belief system and ancient practice, and its wisdom got documented greatly. Colonies were living beautifully with nature’s wisdom. In many parts of India, people are still practicing it. Yes, in a way, we can say that the practice of animal communication is similar to shamanism in terms of receiving wisdom from them.

10. If I start communicating with my pet, will it affect my relationship with my pet?

Friction and issues in relationships only unfold in human space. Animals are not affected by this. They are extremely understanding of us. If you don’t agree with your pet during communication, feel free to ask them for guidance and they will help you understand. went live with Manjiri Latey, Facilitator in outdoor education & telepathic animal & nature communication. She has made immense progress in the field of communication. She shared with us some of the most evolving learnings in this field.

We hope we answered all your queries regarding the topic. In case you have any further questions about the topic, please feel free to leave it in the comments below. An expert will be happy to guide you! 

Transcribed by: Prekshita Patwa

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