The Basics of Training a Dog

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Adopting a pooch is step one and it is as easy as a breeze. Bringing him home and helping him adjust is step two and that is not on the difficult side either. But is that it? Don’t you have to think about anything else? Aren’t you forgetting something VERY important? Of course you are. Dog training.

Research has proved that trained dogs are a happier lot. When you train your dog, you make life easy not just for him but also for yourself. Hence, you should devote some time every day to train him. Remember that training starts at a very early age. In fact, the earlier you begin, the better it will be. The first four months are the most important ones. You have to start training your dog during these months because your influence during this time is the toughest. You have to lay down the foundation during these months and depending on these, he will grow up into a good and well-behaved dog or bad and ill-mannered dog. [Of course there are no ‘bad’ dogs. But you know what I mean.]

Everyone knows the basics of dog training. The first thing you teach your dog is to ‘sit’ and to ‘come’ to you. They might seem basic but remember that they are VERY crucial. These commands will also keep him safe and thus, you should teach them as early as possible. How will they keep him safe, you may ask. Doesn’t it feel safe to take him out without a leash and STILL be sure that he will come to you when you call him?

Dog training is no big secret, actually. It is no rocket science either. At the same time, don’t expect him to learn everything overnight and miraculously start listening to everything you say. As aforementioned, what’s required is your time as well as your patience. Throw in your love and that is your recipe for successful dog training.

You can make the entire training process a lot of fun and together; you can have the times of your lives! Give him at least ten minutes a day and you will see what a big difference that makes. Know that dogs strive your attention and love rewards. Every time he obeys or does a good job, encourage him with a treat and he will simply adore you for it.

Another thing to realize is that not all dogs are the same. While some catch up quickly, others are stubborn. However, it is easier to train dogs at an earlier age. Older dogs will not budge easily. Parameters such as the dog’s personality and breed also play an important role here. Out of the many methods, you will eventually find one that agrees with your dog. Stick with it and make sure you teach your dog well. Tune your handling depending on his breed because some are genetically aggressive while others are calm and extremely friendly.

Don’t wait too long, thus. Start off as soon as you bring him home. With time, you will learn what suits you and your dog and you will follow it. It is all easy; it is all about your time.

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Romil Tripathi
good information on basic training of a dog

By: Romil Tripathi | 19 Jun 2013