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We love all things dog. In our endeavour to bring awareness and education to pet parents, we collaborated with Shharat Sharma, Ex- Civil Servant, FCI Judge & Full Time Pet Parent. In convesation with Cherian MJ, Winner of India Grooming Show 2019 to discuss being a responsible pet parent and citizen. 

We put together a list of things to keep in mind when choosing to add a furry family member. Being a dog enthusiast means choosing to keep the welfare of the animal ahead of your own. Read on for more insights.  

Being a dog parent is a dream every dog lover wants to come true. Welcoming a dog to your house is the start of a beautiful, everlasting tale of love, friendship and companionship. Being a pet parent comes with a set of responsibilities and discipline you owe towards your dog and is not a decision that needs to be rushed into.

Why do you want a Dog?

The first question you should ask yourself before buying or adopting that adorable dog you saw yesterday or the pup you have been seeing on the internet for the past few months, is why exactly do you want a dog? Is it because you genuinely love dogs? Or because you feel a dog will be perfect in guarding your home against thieves? Or you want to be the new 'cool' dog owner in your circle?

Getting a dog should be based only on the fact that you love dogs and your love for these sweet, loyal creatures is unconditional. If you get a dog for the right reasons, you will automatically be a good dog parent.

Read up on the breed you want

Before you go and get the dog you want or is in 'fashion' reading up on that particular breed is always helpful. Thorough research will help guide your decision in choosing the right breed for yourself. A lot of times, people living in warm cities buy dogs which belong to the cooler parts of the world and end up unknowingly torturing the dog. Things like weather conditions, eating and exercise habits are good things to know before you get your dog. 

First-time dog owners should be extra careful in selecting the breed they choose. It is always better to get a dog breed which has an excellent digestive system, can be trained quickly, and that doesn't require too much grooming. Get a friendly dog so that your first experience is pleasant. For more information on different breeds, head over to our breed selector.

Give your dog what she needs most – TIME!

What most dog owners often forget is that their dog longs to be with them and miss them when they are not around. Ignoring your dog's attention needs can cause them to have separation anxiety and change in behaviour.


Your dog needs plenty of physical exercises, especially if she belongs to a bigger breed. Physical exercise for your dog can be made fun both for you and your dog by doing it together. Long jogs at a nearby park or a simple game of fetch and run are something your dog will gain a lot from. It will help drain out that extra energy while giving her limbs the right physical activity.


Grooming and hygiene play a pertinent role in your dog's life. Grooming your regularly keeps your dog healthy and clean, free from infections. Clipping your dog's nails, bathing her to trimming of hair helps in keeping the coat shiny and goes a long way in bonding with your dog the right way. 

Taking care of show dogs

It is vital to remember that show dogs need a lot more care and attention than any dog as a pet. Show dogs should not just be possessions. One must also keep in mind that a dog trained as show dog should be showered with your love and affection even if she does not win the desired position. They should not be used as mere assets and need the right exercise to improve their muscle tone. Your show dog is capable of being the most beautiful home dog as well as a beautiful show entity if taken care of properly.

Ethical Breeding

The field of breeding needs a lot of education. It should not be done just for money. Inbreeding causes more harm than good. A good breeder will always be honest to its customer. He will share the health history of the parents of the puppy, along with a vaccination schedule. He will not separate the pup from her mother before 3 months of age. Early separation can lead to various health risks. Backyard breeding is very irresponsible. An informed customer will never buy from a backyard breeder. 

The right food for your dog

There is always a debate around home-cooked food versus commercial food. However, achieving the balance which commercial food these days has is difficult. You must make sure that you give your dog the right nutrition. Home-cooked food should comprise rice and chicken, but it has a lot of water content. Commercial food has less flab and is just right.

Your dog loves you with her heart and soul. Not only is it her right to expect you to love her back, but it is also your duty towards her. Understand the distinction between Dog Owner and Dog Carer. A dog owner is a mere owner of the dog in the sense that, that person has bought or adopted the dog. A dog carer is the one who does all the work which needs to be done to keep the dog healthy and happy. A dog carer likes to work for dogs. She will even help dogs voluntarily. The dog naturally has a better relationship with the dog carer since she can see who is giving her all the attention she needs. 


Understand the distinction between Dog Owner and Dog Carer. A dog owner is a mere owner of the dog in the sense that, that person has bought or adopted the dog. A dog carer is the one who does all the work which needs to be done to keep the dog healthy and happy.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which would be the ideal breed for someone with small kids in the house?

If you are a first-time pet owner and also have young kids at home then getting a Cocker Spaniel would be ideal. They are very mild in temperament and can be trained easily. Beagle is also a good option.

2. Can an Indian Pariah dog thrive in an apartment setting?

Yes most definitely. Dogs will always reciprocate love and attention. Considering the condition of the Indian Pariah, basically the stray dogs, they would absolutely adore a comfortable space to stay. You just have to make sure that they get a little bit of exercise.

DogSpot advocates responsible pet ownership

We at DogSpot, strongly advocate responsible pet ownership. A big part of being a responsible pet owner is choosing a breed that is right for you and your environment. It is choosing to put the welfare of the animal before your own needs. Dogs are loving, compassionate beings that have exercise, nutrition and engagement requirements. It is therefore to consider your own lifestyle, living conditions, family members at the very least before you chose to bring one home.

You can choose to adopt Indies around you in shelters and streets across the country or get a puppy from an ethical breeder. The Indian Pariah makes a great addition to the family while being able to adjust in our modern environments easily.

Getting a dog is a commitment for anywhere between 8- 14 years. We urge you to be mentally prepared to make that commitment and treat these loving creatures with kindness and care. 

DogSpot was in conversation with Mr. Shharat Sharma. Shharat is an Ex Civil Servant. He is also a judge at the Federation Cynologique Internationale – World Canine Organisation. His passion and love for dogs has led him to become a full-time pet parent as well. 

Transcribed by: Naisan Rab

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