Best Dog Breeds

Wag Wiki, last updated 14th, Mar 2013, Kritika Ponia

Are you looking to welcome a pet into your family? Well, unless you have a particular breed in mind you may be confused. There are tens and hundreds and thousands of dog breeds in the world. How do you decide which the best one is for you? Do you go only by their looks and choose the one you find cutest? Well, be fair. All dogs are cute and adorable, and surely choosing one from so many is not an easy task. What to do then?

Don’t take this decision lightly and adopt the first dog you find. You should think about your household and your home environment before bringing in a dog. Different breeds suit different settings and you should find out about various dogs before choosing the best dog breeds for you. You should think about the characteristics of the dogs and whether they are suitable. Know that no two breeds are the same. Each dog breed comes with its own pros and cons, ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, what may be a pro for one person may be a con for another person. Thus, choosing according to your requirements, your desires, and your home is very important not just for you but also for your new companion. You should ensure the best home for your companion, a home that he can call his own so that he lives comfortably. Thing to note here is that dogs are not fussy like humans and no matter what you do, your dog will love you. Having said that, you should not ignore his needs and desires.

Here is some information about thebest dog breeds for different home settings so that you make the right decision:

If you have children at home:


You should decide on the right dog for your house based on whether you have kids or not. If you do have children, you should not opt for smaller breeds. Usually kids don’t realize that the dog is also a living being and can get hurt. Kids will start playing with their furry little friend as if it were a toy and even drop him and injure him seriously. While all dogs love kids, you should be careful, thus. At the same time, you should not have larger breeds of dogs at home either because things will go in the opposite direction. There will be chances of the dog hurting your kid. Thus, the perfect choice lies in between. The best dog breed for your kids is the breed that is medium-sized, well mannered, and quiet. A beagle would be the ideal choice. Beagles are affectionate, calm, loving, and patient. Other breeds are King Charles Spaniel and Corgi.

The Beagle:

Beagles comes from England. Initially, back in 1300s, it was bred in order to hunt rabbits. You can find different colors of beagles today including white, black, and tan. Beagles are the exploring breed. They are lovely companions of families and also of other dogs. They are playful, active, and protective, and thus make for great dogs if you have kids.

If you have allergies:


If you are among those who are allergic to dog dander but would still love to have a dog, you don’t need to be disheartened because there are numerous breeds, which shed less dander when compared to the others. Dander is shed not just in their fur but also their urine, saliva, and skin. There is no dog that does not shed dander. You should, hence, choose dogs that shed less dander and are tolerable without triggering allergic reaction. The poodle is the best choice under this category. Other breeds are Bichon Frise and Maltese.

The Poodle:

Poodles are very intelligent dogs and are highly affectionate. They are also well mannered. They are of three different sizes and they are standard, miniature, and toy. You can choose the size that you are most comfortable with. These playful dogs are highly devoted and are great companions.

If you live in an apartment:


For those dog lovers who reside in apartments, the best dogs are those, which don’t bark much and don’t need too much exercise. The best dog breeds for you definitely are the dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih-Tzu, and the pug. All these dogs are happy with little exercise and indoor games. They love sleeping on your lap and snuggling close to you.

Yorkshire Terrier:

These dogs are very playful and bright. They may be stubborn at times but they are also too cute to resist. Their long coats are very silky and are usually blue-gray or tan in color. The breed is indigenous to the Yorkshire area in England, as its name suggests. These dogs love being indoors and playing around with you. They are highly protective and are great watchdogs too.

If you want companions:


Companion dogs are usually affectionate, gentle, and well mannered. They are gentle not just with people but also with other animals. Companion dogs are named so because they are highly devoted. The best dog breeds if you want companions are the English bulldog, Greyhound, and the Bichon Frise. All these dogs are highly devoted and tranquil.

Bichon Frise:

These calm and peaceful dogs are extremely loyal. They are great companion pets and are compatible with almost every type of family. They are also almost hypoallergenic and thus, if you have dog allergies and would like a companion dog, this one is for you. These dogs are also low maintenance and fit the bill for those who live in apartments too.

Thus, based on your preferences, your likes, your desires, and your needs, you can choose the best dog breed for you with ease. All you have to do is some research to find which dog is the best one for you. It is easy and won’t take much time. Based on the information given above, you can make the right decision without having to think twice.

Think wise and adopt the best dog!