Bringing pet dog from India to US

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Lufthansa and British airways allow pet to be carried as registered baggage. Emirates carries it as cargo which is very costly.

Following documents are required, preferably taken within 5 days of reaching USA.  10 days is upper limit.


(a) General Health certificate from a registered Vet in India.

(b) Vaccination against Rabbis certificate. Vaccination should not be older than 12 months and lesser that 30 days.

(c)  De worming date. Again that should not be older than 5 to 10 days. It would be good if specific mention about non existence of screw worm is mentioned and the certificate is 5 days old. Central Disease Control of USA stipulates that. However, in my case screw worm was not mentioned and the certificate was 7 days old. Did not have any problem at US end.

(d) My vet, experienced at examining and certifying out going dog, advised that NOC from Animal Quarantine needs to be take. To be on safer side I acquired that based up on Health and Vaccination Certificates of the Vet. In Bombay such officer office is in Koperkhairena (Navi Mumbai) and in Hyderabad at airport in Cargo Complex. This certificate, however was not seen either by Lufthansa at Mumbai or CDC at US end. All were happy with General Health & Vaccination certificates.

(e) Micro Chip: Micro Chipping of the pet is ESSENTIAL. All documents are prepared with reference to Micro Chip number. It cost in Hyderabad was Rs 1000.

(f)  Cannel:  Method to choose kennel for dog is given in IATA website.

(g) Travel by Train: AC 1st two seater coupe was booked in two names. This was not confirmed till chart was prepared , a couple of hours before departure of the train. Dog was booked as parcel under ‘L’ rates for minimum 60 kg.  Cost was less than Rs 200.00.(USD 4) The kennel could not go inside 1st AC coupe. Hence was kept near toilets. Rexi did not do things for 18 hrs in train! he kept every all passengers (dog lovers) entertained during long journey.

(h) Kennel, dismantled, was carried to airport on carrier of a taxi in Mumbai. Except hiring truck/half truck, there was no other way to transport it. Assembled the kennel at airport quickly and let Rexi go in. Called Loader from Lufthansa who put the crate on trolley and went in for checking in. Even though, I had been talking to LH airport staff on advise of booking office, to learn actual ‘on ground’ procedure and had spoken to them even a day before, my PNR did not have any record of ‘Pet Travelling as accompanied baggage’ and it took them hours to sort the mess out. I wish they could be better in this regard.

(i)   Check In at Airport: You need to take out the animal for weighing and scanning of the kennel. You don’t see the pet till you reach destination, irrespective of the stop on the way. Water and food need to be supplied for airlines staff to feed during stop over. We had a stop over of two hour in Frankfurt.

(j)   LH charges lump sum USD 400 (in INR) for extra large kennel on intercontinental route. They take care of the animal reasonably well.

(k) Clearance at Seattle (USA):  After clearing Immigration, was advised to visit CDC office, which incidentally does not work in night and on weekend. (I don’t know what happens in that situation). They examined the papers and stamped it. Kennel with Rexi was delivered along with my baggage. Wa'nt he happy seeing me after 23 hrs of flight!!!

I shall be taking Rexi back to Mumbai-Hyderabad by Luft Hansa after a couple months and shall share return journey experience in due course.


yousuf khaja
Hello arvind..very informative article...just one point i want to clarify is that BA does not allow pets as excess luggage (baggage)....i brought two poms from USA last sept. and i found out the hard way:(...thanks

By: yousuf khaja | 23 May 2012