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Rottweilers are amongst the most misunderstood dog breeds. Their big burly size and muscular built have contributed to all the misplaced notions about these essentially gentle giants. Yes, some of them will be aggressive, but that has more to do with nurture than nature. Let’s dispel some common myths associated with this loyal and intelligent breed:


  • MYTH: They Are Aggressive
  • TRUTH: They are just as loving, intelligent and loyal as any other breed. Like we said initially, it’s all about nurture.  Your dog’s nature is a direct result of his upbringing, treat them with love and you will have a happy dog, regardless of the breed.


Image source: amazonaws.com


  • MYTH: They Don’t Train Well
  • TRUTH: Rottweilers are in fact one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Yes, they have a mind of their own but their sharpness means they are quick to learn.


Image source: waterfordwhispersnews.com


  • MYTH: They Turn On Their Owners
  • TRUTH: Highly unlikely! Infact, rottweilers are extremely loyal towards their pack leader, which in this case is you.


Image source: rover.com


  • MYTH: They Are Not Good With Kids
  • TRUTH: A well taught Rottweiler makes for an excellent companion for a child. But for that to happen the child should be taught to treat the dog with love and respect. This holds true for any breed.


Image source: i.ytimg.com


  • MYTH: They Don’t Get Along With Other Animals
  • TRUTH: If socialized well as a puppy, you will find the rottweiler’s behavior towards other dogs absolutely normal and friendly.


Image source: ilovemyrotty.com


So you see, in the end, it all boils down to how well you treat your pet and how considerate you are to its needs. Do share pictures of your Rottweiler with us along with your experiences and anecdotes in the comments section!

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