Caring for Dogs Skin and Hair Coat in India

Health, last updated 26th, Apr 2008, U K Atheya

The skin and hair protects from physical and microbial damage to dogs the skin and hair provides insulation from the harsh weather conditions. The colour of skin and hair is changed  due to melanin  pigment, the pigmentation does not allow the   ultra violet rays  of sun to harm body . The skin also act as a sensory organ, as millions of nerve endings are located on the surface of skin. Skin also has the property of developing resistance to repeated infection due to infection, immunity. At pressure points like elbows skin becomes thick for giving extra protection.

The colour and the length of hair gives varying degree of insulation and protection from the ultra violet part of sun light .The black coloured dogs with thick coat are more protective than the white, light coloured dogs with thin skin hair coat. The hair coat of the dogs differs from breed to breed , a German Shepherd has  double coat, it has a under coat of fin short hair  and the thick long coat. The under coat is like the sweater we put on in the winter months. The long coat serves as the coat over sweater a cover all. The double coated dogs have their origin in temperate regions, cold to very cold regions. The dogs with their origin in tropics, Boxer, have short coats and are less protected for insulation. the density of hair also vary , from 100 to 500 hair per square centimetre, to insulate the body.

The hair grow from the hair follicles and  its growth is cyclic, there is a growth phase (anagen phase), resting phase (catagen phase) and the shedding phase (telogen phase) The hair shedding phase depend on the temperature ,nutrition ,stress disease and day length. The day length seems to affect the most, the cyclic phases The britches prior to exhibiting season, heat , also shed hairs.



The dogs don’t sweat like horse and human, eatsall over body,  it sweats in foot pad only. So they do not need daily bath. In winters  a bath in a month is sufficient to keep  dog clean. However, in summers the story is different, dogs feel hot so frequent baths are needed when it is hot, above 35 degree centigrade. The use of shampoo is not harmful to dogs, provided it is used in mild form. In summers he dogs has fleas, so a bath with Medicare shampoo, readily available, is good for fleas removal.

So the skin and coat care of dg overlaps the human body care, but is definitely differs with breed season and environmental temperature, and the European and American literature be follow with caution. 

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U K Atheya
For scale problem in any of your dog give 8000 to 10,000 IU of Vit A orally, morning and evening for a week. Vitamin A is available in market in Capsule forms, by the name of Aquasol. Discontinue it and then again repeat after a week for 7 days.
In addition to this every second day give bath with anti-seborrhoeic shampoo, which contains selenium sulphide, CoalTar and salicylic acid. In market the Dove Hair Treatment shampoo is available which have these ingredients.

I am doubtful if betadine will be useful in this. It is expected that your dog is suffering seborrhoea, due to over activity of sebaceous glands present in the skin.

Please apply tick infectation exactly after 14 days

By: U K Atheya | 27 Apr 2008

Inez Rufus
For any skin conditions it is always advisable to consult a good veterinarian. My Boxer had a skin problem and we treated it with Betadine etc. But it was only after a consultation that my vet recommended taking a scraping of the scab, identifying the problem and then prescribing treatment. The result was much speedier.

By: Inez Rufus | 28 Apr 2008