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Paws 1 A dog’s feet is one of the most important part of its body. Not only it helps your dog while walking, the feet and the pads help protect the bones from any shock or injury. The pads provide a cushion to the dog when it walks, especially on when on road or rough ground and provide insulation to the feet especially in extreme summers or winters. Dogs do not sweat from their body but through their paws.  Since the paws are such a big role in a dog’s well being, it is important to take proper care of them too. Here are our tips on proper paw care for your pooch:

Keep Paws Clean

The paws of the dog are most exposed to elements of the environment - dust, gravel, dirt when they go for a walk or a run. When you get back from a walk or run with your dog, use a soft cloth or wet wipe and clean the paws and also the foot pads. Also, make sure that the area between the paws and the fingers is dry and clean to avoid fungal infection.

Regular Pedicures

As pet parents, you will have to make sure that the nails of your dog are trimmed and clean. In case the nails are long, they can be painful for the dog as the cuticles extend to the length of the nail and if not trimmed can turn inwards and cause irritability.. Even though nails wear out naturally, regular pedicures can help maintain clean paws and trimmed nails.

Keep Them Soft

Like human skin, the paw pads take a beating everyday. In extreme weather they tend to crack can be painful for your pooch. You may check with your veterinarian for a moisturising cream for the paws. Do not use moisturisers made for humans as they can make the paws extremely soft and may make it difficult for your pooch to walk. You may use paw butter balm to keep the paw pads soft.

Paw massages:

Just like us humans dogs love massages. A good paw massage will ensure better circulation of blood and keep them healthy. Also, it will help the dog get socialised with and used to pet groomers.

Keep First Aid Handy

Always keep first aid handy. Everyday walks and runs can bring in wear and tear to the paws of your dog. In case of any injury, clean the paws properly with a disinfectant and then use a medicated cream for quick healing. In case the injury is deep, seek veterinary help. Sometimes you may mistakenly cut your dog's nail too short. There is not much to worry about. Simply apply styptic powder to the edge of the nail and let it heal. If you're trimming his nails for the first time, it is advisable that you do it in the presence of someone that is experienced in nail cutting.

Summer Care

The roads and pavements are extremely hot during the summers and cause blisters and burns on the feet and paws. If possible, avoid going out with your dog during the scording heat of the day and if you have to go, try walking in the shade and avoid the pavements. Once back home, use ice-cold water and wipe the paws to cool them down.

Slow And Steady Progressions

In case you are starting a new exercise program for your pooch, you will have to start at a slow and steady pace keeping in mind the terrain and the climate. Let your pooch get used to the terrain before starting a full-fledged training and exercise program.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

All injuries can be avoided if one is careful. Be cautious of broken glass or debris on the road or at home and you will be able to save your dog from a lot of injuries.

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