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The age old saying of “good things come in small packages” has been held true for our feline friends. Cats, with their grace, beauty and charm have stolen our hearts and found a cosy comfortable place in our homes. Apart from the orange tabby, which is one of the most popular house cats, there are other cat breeds that are bigger than the regular cats yet are just as friendly and adorable as their smaller relatives. In this article we will elaborate on 4 of these beautiful big house cats who are meowtastically majestic!

Maine Coon

maine coon

Maine Coons are a popular breed of large house cats. They became popular in the 1800’s after their grace and beauty made them stars in a local TV show. With a scientific name of Felius Catus, Maine Coons originated in the United States of America and are known to be one of the largest domestic cat breeds. 

Maine coons are glorious in nature and have long rectangular bodies and have thick water resistant coats. They can weigh up to 7.5 kgs (males) and 5kgs (females) yet they are often referred to as the gentle giant due to loving and charming personality. Many Maine Coon enthusiasts call them “a dog in a cat’s clothing”.

Maine Coons also hold the record for being the longest cat in the world and can measure over 1.23 meters in length.


rag doll

RagDolls with their beautiful mesmerising blue eyes and soft long hair are friendly and extremely gentle house cats. Ragdolls originated in the United States of America and are so named due to their tendency to go limp in their owner’s arms. Ragdolls are known for their colour - point coat and are extremely beautiful to look at. An adult RagDoll may weigh between 15 – 20 pounds (males) while a female may weigh between 8 – 10 pounds.

RagDolls are also known to be extremely submissive and are very curious in nature. A unique feature of a Ragdoll is that it hardly ever meows, so if you are a person who loves quiet, a Ragdoll is perfect for you.



At first glance a Ragamuffin can be scary due to their sheer size yet they are very gentle in nature. Originally bred from RagDolls, Ragmuffins are large cats and may weigh between 15 – 20 pounds (males) and between 10 -15 pounds (females). Ragmuffins are extremely social cats and love to play and spend time with their human family. So if you are looking for a snuggle partner, a Ragamuffin is perfect for you.

Ragamuffins are known for their large eyes and are quite a character due their their ability to express emotions through facial expressions. Though they have a thick rabbit like fur, they are easy to maintain and groom.

Pixie Bob

pixie bob

Pixie Bobs may look like a wild cat, they are extremely friendly and loyal and love the company of their human family. The Pixie Bob is a breed of domestic cat that originated in the United States of America by breed founder carol Ann Brewer and has gained popularity due to their characteristic chirping calls and their bob tail.

Pet parents to Pixie Bob cats say that having a Pixie Bob is like having a dog at home – they play fetch, love to go for walks on a leash and snuggle and coo. Pixie Bobs can weigh upto 18 pounds (males) and 14 pounds (females).

Source: Cat Breed Information


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